Introducing Top Real Estate Agency Coach Jake Rockwell

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Real Estate Career Highlights:

  • After several successful business ventures, Jake began his real estate career in 2013.
  • In 2018, Jake Rockwell and his team sold $90 Million in real estate. His experience as a team builder makes him an expert real estate agency coach.
  • Won the 2018 ICON Award with eXp Realty.

About Jake Rockwell:

With a brilliant resume ranging from an online retail business to turning a struggling brew pub into a profitable business, Jake Rockwell began his real estate career in 2013, and has never looked back. His first year, he produced an impressive 36 deals, and continues to grow his business as one of the premier real estate agencies in the Pacific Northwest. No matter what industry he seems to put his energy into, Jake Rockwell knows a thing or two about building profitable businesses, and he is lending his expertise to you.

We asked Jake about who is ideal client to work with would be:

“My ideal coaching client would be a single agent that’s doing a lot of production and working 60 to 80 hours a week. After a while, this can become exhausting, so they want more free time and need help starting a team, a small team that wants to build and scale a little bit bigger.”

If you’re just getting started in the real estate business, or have an established track record of success but want to build and grow your real estate team, Jake Rockwell can provide the expertise you need to turn your dreams into reality. Fill out the form below to get in touch with a top real estate agency coach. 

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