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Icenhower Coaching & Consulting (ICC) provides customized & structured real estate coaching & training programs for agents & team leaders, representing many of the top producing agents in North America.  ICC also offers real estate coaching for broker/owner consulting on agent recruiting, training & retention. ICC has over 120 real estate coaching clients coached by a team of talented and experienced coaches.  This progressive company provides one-on-one and group coaching, online courses, educational podcasts, training materials, speaking events, training workshops, video modules and real estate books.

real estate coaching

ICC coaching programs offer much more than just weekly calls with our real estate coaches. ICC coaches are experienced real estate business consultants that offer strategic planning and a full library of training resources to elevate agents’ businesses and their careers.  Coaching clients are continuously engaged with their coaches through ICC’s Online Coaching Platform where agents can communicate with their coach,  watch video training modules, track their activities, attend training courses, monitor their businesses, and access the ICC training library.  For more information just fill out the contact form below and we’ll get back to you to determine how ICC can best further the development of your real estate business.

real estate coachingReal Estate Coaching Programs

Upon founding ICC, Brian Icenhower inherently understood that people learn and retain information in a number of different ways.  Whether it be visually, audibly, verbally, kinetically, or through engaging interaction, ICC’s programs are designed to accelerate the learning processes while engaging clients more effectively.  Brian set out to supplement one-on-one and group coaching by creating training materials you can print and touch, videos you can watch, calls you can listen to, and workbooks that really break down processes and truly involve agents in the process.  ICC’s vast training resource library is made up of training modules, videos, scripts, tools, job descriptions, budgets, business plans, workflows, systems and other interactive tools to help clients grow their business systematically.

Just a few examples of the topics that ICC’s real estate coaching programs cover are as follows:

LEAD GENERATION – Explore a variety of business generation methods and sources to increase commission income.

PROSPECTING – Expired Listings, For Sale By Owner (FSBO), Circle Prospecting & etc.

BUILDING A REFERRAL DATABASE –  Sphere of Influence (SOI), Preferred Vendors, Past Clients, etc.

INTERNET LEAD GENERATION –  Social Media, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Blogging, Video Marketing & etc.

REAL ESTATE TEAMS – Recruiting, Hiring, Training, Management, Structures, Compensation, Job Descriptions, Lead Follow-Up Systems, Inside Sales Agent (ISA) management & etc.

REAL ESTATE FARMING – Geographic, Organizations, Businesses & etc.

REAL ESTATE SCRIPTS – Dialogues, Role-play, Objection Handlers, Lead Follow Up, Best Practices and etc.

BUSINESS TRACKING – Sourcing, Financials, Organizational Structure, Budgeting & Planning.

BEHAVIORAL TRAINING – Behavioral Assessments, Analysis & Applications.

TIME MANAGEMENT – Scheduling, Prioritizing, Tracking & Accountability.

Real Estate Coach

real estate coachingICC’s Online Client Coaching Platform

All ICC clients are also provided with their own registered accounts with full access to Icenhower Coaching & Consulting’s Online Client Platform.  This system allows clients to access our vast file library of coaching and training materials complete with scripts, team job descriptions, video training modules, tracking tools, business plans, agent systems and much more.  Agents can also create their own accountability and performance metrics to track their activities and results over time.

Through this client platform, communication with our coaches is continuous and never just limited to a weekly call.  Clients can regularly collaborate with coaches to exchange ideas, complete activities, share materials and make decisions together as frequently as often as they wish.  Agents are also free to create and design their own metrics, action plans, journal entries, whiteboards, as well as many other tools.  Current ICC clients can also click here to enter the ICC Client Platform.

Customized Coaching with Real Results

ICC clients don’t get compartmentalized into a one-size-fits-all real estate coaching program.  Each client is coached according to the client’s specific needs and production level.  Please also scroll a bit further down the page to watch our ICC client testimonial videos to see examples of how Brian Icenhower’s programs have positively impacted a variety of different agents in numerous ways.

ICC Client Testimonial Videos