1×1 Solo Agent Weekly Coaching Program

This 1×1 solo agent weekly real estate coaching program is designed to help you increase your production and your commission income with strategies and systems for sustainable business growth.

1x1 solo agent weekly real estate coaching program

Grow Your Business with Our Proven 1x1 Solo Agent Weekly Coaching Program

Increase your production and your commission income with this individualized 1×1 solo agent weekly real estate coaching program for solo agents.

Benefits Include

Increased GCI

On average, real estate agents who sign-up for Solo Coaching experience a 39% increase in their Gross Commission Income.

Effective & Efficient Systems

Develop lead generation, listing and transaction management, marketing, client follow-up, customer service systems.

Work-Life Balance

Through this coaching programs, clients increase their income, while improving work-life balance.

1x1 Solo Agent Weekly Coaching Program Includes

Enrollment in the 12-month 1x1 weekly real estate coaching program includes access to the following:

real estate coaching

This 1×1 solo agent weekly real estate coaching program includes a weekly coaching call with your ICC real estate coach, and so much more.


"I use ICC systems, the Online Learning Center, and the coaching program to coach and train my team of over 30 agents. I use the ICC dashboard systems to keep my entire team accountable for their activities and set proper expectations."
Jake Rockwell
Over 500 Units Sold Annually
"I have coached with ICC for over five years. ICC has helped me quadruple my luxury business through marketing strategies so that I receive listings and sales through lead generation and multiple pillars of income."
soi audio workbook
Dennis Adelpour
Luxury Agent - West Los Angeles
"When we started coaching with ICC we worked all the time with some degree of success. Now, seven years later, we have grown to have the #1 market share in our area, we more than tripled our income and production, while also improving our work-life balance to enjoy our personal life with family and friends."
recruit audio workbook
Tammi Humphrey
#1 Market Share & 100 Million in Annual Sales Volume

$750 / month for 12 months

Founder & CEO of Icenhower Coaching & Consulting

Brian​ Icenhower.

Brian Icenhower is the CEO and Founder of Icenhower Coaching & Consulting (ICC), which provides customized coaching and training programs to many of the highest producing real estate agents, teams, and brokerage owners in North America.

This progressive company also produces:

ICC is one of the largest real estate coaching companies in the world with thousands of clients and a large team of the most accomplished coaches in the industry.

Brian Icenhower is also the creator of, the world’s leading production training website for real estate agents with well over 100,000 subscribers.

As a best-selling author, Brian Icenhower has written a large number of books on real estate topics like recruiting, prospecting, geographic farming, hiring talent, house flipping, real estate administrative systems, sales communication and behavior, building a sphere of influence, and coaching for business performance. His most recent book, The High-Performing Real Estate Team, continues to top the Amazon bestseller list.

Brian Icenhower began his career in real estate as a top-producing real estate broker in the early 1990s until launching and operating a number of production-focused real estate offices in California and the Midwest United States. His implementation of extensive real estate productivity coaching, training, and recruiting programs has propelled these companies to be repeatedly recognized as some of the highest producing and fastest growing offices in North America by a number of major industry media sources.

Throughout his 30-year career in real estate, Brian Icenhower has also opened and operated various escrow and title companies, real estate licensing schools, property management companies, commercial real estate divisions, and mortgage companies. He also regularly serves as a keynote speaker and presenter for many of the largest real estate companies and organizations in the United States. As a result, Brian Icenhower has become one of the most recognized names and authorities in the real estate industry today.

Why choose Icenhower Coaching & Consulting?

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