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“ICC Coaching gives my agents direction on how to achieve additional transactions per year, it has enhanced our career acceleration program.”

-Robin Shivinski

“Having an expert in your corner is more value than you could ever ask for. There is no monetary value that I could ever put on the coaching that I get.”

-Taylor Cresswell
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“This is real world, actual advice for people to put to work right away.”

-Sanford Brown​

“The Icenhower coaching platform gave me the strategies to support both my strengths and weaknesses, as well as my team and business.”

-Shawna Bellendir
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“The reason we love ICC coaching is because of all the free material we get.”

-Josh Wells

Hear from a coach: “ICC along with great coaching offers the best training tools and materials of any coaching company I’ve found. The training materials and videos that my whole team has access to leverages my time greatly so I can focus more on what matters most to me…my family.”

-Travis Recer
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