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In such a competitive environment, real estate agents and teams need every advantage they can get. Driven realtors can find everything they need with the Commissions Inc (also known as CINC) CRM software. With their wide variety of apps and features, there is a solution available for individual agents and real estate teams of any size. If you are looking for a comprehensive real estate software that will help streamline your leads and your business, keep reading to find out if CINC is right for you.

Key Features of CINC

There are 4 different levels of software CINC offers their real estate customers, which can be useful to an individual agent, a team of agents, and even mortgage brokers. In this section, we will provide analyses about each tier so you can choose the CINC software solution that is perfect for you.

CINC Pro Agent

Specifically designed for individual real estate agents, CINC Pro Agent provides a wide variety of apps and features that will help you identify your best leads and communicate with prospective clients effectively. Features include a website designed for your prospective clients to search for their ideal home, expert marketing materials designed to provide your clients with the most relevant real estate resources, Lead Generation from CINC’s experts, and a plethora of apps that will convert your prospects into buying and selling clients.


The CINC Pro tier features all of the same benefits of the Agent level, but includes expanded solutions for Team Management, including the ability to limit agents’ access to the program, a website for each agent, and the ability to track your team’s productivity. This software package is ideal for the established team looking for a more streamlined approach to marketing and sales.

CINC Pro Enterprise

This software tier is for the real estate franchise or large company that wants access to the full range of data that will help them succeed in any region or market. Market reports in real time, the ability to keep agents accountable for their lead and sales goals, and comprehensive sales reports are just a few of the amazing features the CINC Pro Enterprise has to offer.

CINC Pro Lender

A unique software solution for mortgage and lenders, CINC Pro Lender helps bridge the gap between buyers/sellers and agents, creating a stronger relationship with every party involved. If you are in the lending or mortgage industry and want to build better relationships with the borrowers and agents in your local market, which will lead to more home purchases, CINC Pro Lender can help you.


The full line of CINC products are tailored to meet the needs of everyone in the real estate business, including agents, teams of agents, large brokerages, and even lenders. We hope this review makes it a little easier to decide how CINC’s software can help you generate more leads, convert those leads into buyers, and grow your business to levels you haven’t imagined. If you are interested in integrating a CINC product into your company or agency, we encourage you to learn more.


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