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Comprehensive Real Estate Training

Real Estate Training Included

Curriculum & Topic List

General Agent Sales & Productivity Training Programs

  • The role of trackers and calendars
  • Scripts and role playing
  • Systems and tech that will help you
  • Recruiting & hiring overview
  • Admin onboarding
  • ISA onboarding & training

Sphere of Influence (SOI) & Referral-Based Business Development

  • How to create an SOI list
  • Your SOI contact plan
  • How to grow your SOI
  • How to use social in your SOI
  • The role of an annual property analysis
  • Events and how they can strengthen your SOI
  • Using alerts and updates
  • Developing referrals from existing clients
  • Time management and tracking

Structured Prospecting-Based Productivity Systems (Expired Listings, FSBO & Circle Prospecting)

  • Propspecting mindset
  • Tracking what works
  • Making presentations 
  • Expired listings
  • Prospecting via open houses
  • Time management
  • Securing FSBO listings
  • Circle prospecting
  • Your prospecting arena
  • The art of closin

Social Media & Online Lead Generation Strategies

  • Facebook - from personal to business
  • Mastering Instagram, Pinterst, LinkedIn & Twitter
  • Website, landing pages and CRMs
  • Real estate blogs
  • Video marketing
  • YouTube for real estate agents
  • Your Google presence, advertising and the role of GLSA
  • Online reviews

Transaction Management Systems & Workflows

  • Checklists for listings, open houses, closings etc. Active Listing Checklist, Sample Buyer Inventory, Daily Contact Form, Lead Tracking Sheet, Listing and Pre-Listing Checklists, Listing to Contract Checklist, Assistant's First Call Checklist, First Day Welcome and Orientation Checklist, First Quarter Checklist, and more.
  • Dashboard to track success and editable forms to document everything. Sample Scoreboards and fillable ICC Team Scoreboard.
  • Resources for new hires, including orientation templates and policy and procedure handbook templates. Sample Weekly Calendar, Sample Year-to-Date Check-Up Form, Sample Pending Inventory Pipeline, Active and Pending Inventory Lists, Seller Lead Sheet, Client Event Contact Plan, Policies and Procedures Handbook, Staff Self-Performance Appraisal, Blank Editable Business Plan, and more.
  • Scripts for the administrative assistant. Contacting Past and Existing Clients Script, and more.

Time Management - Scheduling, Prioritizing, Tracking & Accountability

  • Time management for agents intro
  • Goal & Milestone Exercise 
  • Goal & Milestone Tracker
  • Daily SOI Contact Form 
  • 4-Week Schedule 
  • End-of-Week Debrief 
  • Ways to Make Habits Stick
  • Lead-Tracking
  • Personalized Schedule 
  • Prospecting Accountability 
  • Sample Weekly Calendar

Real Estate Team Training – in general or for each specific role/position.

  • Understanding job roles
  • The Administrative Manager
  • The Listing Manager
  • The Transaction Coordinator
  • The Marketing Director
  • Creating the ultimate user experience

Inside Sales Agent (ISA) - hiring, training and managing.

  • Recruiting, Interviewing, & Hiring ISAs
  • First Quarter for ISAs
  • Scripts For The ISA
  • Testing & Benchmarking
  • Tracking Online Lead Key Performance Indicators
  • Scheduling & Time Management
  • Conversation Skill Development - Mirroring & Matching
  • Downswings, Embedded Commands, Tie-Downs & Trial Closes
  • Tracking, Analytics & Organized Sales Process

Buyer’s Agent Training – Buyer lead generation, client conversion, consultations & negotiations.

  • The buyer lead conversion process
  • From contact to appointment
  • Buyer and lender consultations
  • Making things official
  • Presenting the exclusive buyer agency agreement
  • Handling objections to signing the buyer agency agreement
  • MLS Auto-Prospecting

Listing Agent/Specialist Training – Seller lead generation, conversion, consultations & listing management.

  • The seller lead conversion process
  • Overcoming common objections
  • Getting answers
  • The pre-listing packet
  • The Listing Consultation Script
  • Scripts for Listing Consultation Objections about Price
  • Objections about Finding a Home to Buy Before Listing
  • Urgency Objections
  • Overcoming Objections about Paying a Commission
  • Seller Lead Sheet

Behavioral Training Systems – Assessments, analysis and applications for working with clients, hiring practices and agents.

  • What is DISC?
  • How to identify DISC profiles
  • Mirroring and matching
  • Using DISC with clients
  • Using DISC with lead generation methods
  • DISC profiles for different real estate team roles
  • Training team members using DISC

Access Training Page

Certifications & Designations

custom training suite course designation

At the end of many of our high-level real estate training courses, agents will have the option to download a Certificate of Completion.

They will also receive a Designation that they can add following their name in their email signature or website.

Several of our most highly sought-after certifications & designations:

  • Growth Operations Systems – Certified Growth Systems Expert “CGSE”
  • Negotiation Skills – Certified Negotiation Specialist “CNS”
  • SOI – Building a Referral-Based Sphere of Influence – Certified Referral Network Expert “CRNE”
  • Social Media & Digital Marketing – Certified Social Media Associate “CSMA”
  • The Seller Lead Conversion Process – Certified Listing Agent “CLA”
  • Farming Geographic Neighborhoods – Certified Geographic Farming Expert “CGFE”
  • Prospecting & Lead Generation Mastery – Certified Prospecting Expert “CPE”
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Custom Real Estate Training Suite Pricing

All Custom Training Suite clients pay a $250 one-time set up fee. All pricing reflects a 12 month term.

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Access Training Page

Welcome home Access Agents

We hope you enjoy this platfore where w talk about wealth building, team building, lead generation, scripts and dialouge, diversied streams of income, and best practices in real estate. We talk about our successes and our mistakes so we can learn how to get better each day.

With the Access Global training hub, agents of EVERY level have the ACCESS to build a nationwide or worldwide team and have all the tools at their fingertips without reinventing the wheel. We hope that you enjoy this platform as much as we do!

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