COACH: Coaching for Business Performance 

real estate coaching book The ultimate business coaching book COACH: Coaching for Business Performance, is an operation manual for all business coaches and leaders to leverage their relationships with clients or team members that depend on their leadership or guidance. Learn how to increase production and performance with detailed models for effective goal setting, accountability practices and troubleshooting common obstacles coaches encounter. This book is a must-have for anyone looking for a system to implement to help others succeed and reach their goals. Through this business coaching book, you’ll also learn to develop your coaching abilities. We’ll teach you the techniques you need to develop focus, strengthen client buy-in, and build long-lasting coaching relationships. This isn’t a read once and set it aside type book. It’s a working manual. So get your highlighter ready, buy some bookmarks and be ready to take notes!

The Most Tested & Proven Business Coaching Book

We know these strategies and techniques work since we’ve used many of them to help hundreds of our clients grow their real estate businesses and teams. The principles outlined in this business coaching book are ingrained in and implemented by every member of the ICC coaching staff. So if you’re new to coaching and are looking to develop your skills, or already lead a team and are looking for some leadership pointers, this is the book you need.

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About Brian Icenhower

Brian Icenhower is the CEO and Founder of Icenhower Coaching & Consulting (ICC), which provides customized and structured coaching & training programs for real estate agents & team leaders, representing many of the top producing agents in North America. ICC also offers broker/owner consulting on agent recruiting, training & retention. With hundreds of coaching clients and a team of talented coaches, ICC also produces online courses, podcasts, training materials, speaking events, video modules and real estate training workbooks. Brian Icenhower is the creator of, the world’s leading production training website for real estate agents with hundreds of thousands of subscribers. Mr. Icenhower is also the author of many best-selling business and real estate books.
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