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When it comes to all-in-one real estate software, few programs deliver on the promise. Chime is a leading tool tackling plenty of the legwork behind lead prospecting. Since its founding, Chime has worked with real estate professionals to figure out what the industry needs to generate, track, and nurture leads. The result is a suite of tools working in tandem to prospect and nurture accessible from a mobile device.

What does Chime do?

In Chime, real estate professionals have an industry-specific CRM, IDX website, lead generation tools, branded ads, and direct mail campaigns. These features integrate to improve lead prospecting by having artificial intelligence (AI) analyze behaviors and optimize advertising strategies.

For example, the IDX website offers customizable and mobile-optimized IDX-websites. Chime tracks a visitor’s behavior on the website and makes prompts to capture prospect contact data. Its AI analyzes visitor behavior patterns and integrate with a CRM to make contact recommendations. Date in the CRM integrates with Chime’s Power Dialer, which speeds up the contact process.

Who uses Chime?

Chime is used by individual real estate agents and teams to manage lead generation. Subscription options include Enterprise. Teams are able to assign leads and manage team tasks.

Chime’s value

Real estate is a mobile industry; Chime responded by designing its CRM to be a mobile-first operating system. App navigation is easy and intuitive. Users can sort, filter, and engage with prospects from their devices. Everything is designed with the real estate agent in mind.

Regardless of how clients access Chime, the platform is easy to use. One user commented that even when Chime updates, they never feel lost or confused by the changes. This is important since Chime updates often.

A key feature of Chime’s CRM and lead generation tools is its behavioral analysis. The AI studies website activity and engagement. Certain indicators predict the best next step. The system scores leads and dynamically adjusts them, factoring contact validity, online behavior, property info, and more. The AI powers Chime’s branded ads and lead generation.

Teams benefit from Chime’s forecasting algorithm. Predict agent performance based on historical trends and market data. Set and track goals by volume, closing data, GCI, or revenue. Stay on top of team progress with the performance reports. Brokers find they offer more informed feedback based on these reports.

Chime provides real estate professionals an industry-specific CRM, IDX website, and lead generation tools.

The Smart Plans feature automates workflows. Users set workflows that adjust based on the source, lead type, pipeline, and lead activity.

Similar to other prospecting tools, Chime includes a Power Dialer that will call leads, leave voicemails, and create notes. Users can automatically generate call lists using the system’s AI or create custom call lists from profile info.

Chime offers third-party integrations to services like Gmail, Zapier, Mailchimp, and BombBomb.

Using Chime

According to the company, its engineers provide new features and integrations on a monthly basis. This is part of their mission to evolve with the real estate industry and offer an easy-to-use service. Visit Chime CRM to see the latest features added to its prospecting tools, or take a free demo. Icenhower Coaching has negotiated a 10% discount on your monthly fee, so be sure to mention ICC and TheRealEstateTrainer when you sign-up.


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