Upgrading your circle prospecting skills—that is, seeking out business outside your sphere of influence in a particular geographic area—can have serious benefits for your real estate business.

The Circle Prospecting Online Course will help you hone in on your best lead opportunities. Not only is it a great way to identify new leads you might never have found otherwise— there are plenty of other benefits too!

A solid circle prospecting practice can help you:

  • Impress & Influence Sellers
  • Provide Social Proof
  • Create Name Recognition
  • Evidence Your Success
  • Sway Your SOI
  • Preview Your Prospects
  • Grow Your GCI

This condensed course has all the tools and insights you need to avoid common pitfalls, gain confidence in your approach and make the right choices as you dive into circle prospecting. Don’t leave great new leads hanging—get started today!

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This mini-course includes:

  • In-depth professional video training presented by the expert author, Brian Icenhower.
  • Detailed and downloadable written modules to guide you through the lesson.
  • Sample resources, documents, spreadsheets, scripts and graphics, all downloadable and right at your fingertips!

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