COACH Audio Workbook

coach audio workbook

You’re here to download our COACH Audio Workbook.

We’re so glad you’re enjoying COACH: Coaching for Business Performance. Here is the workbook/resource material to accompany the audiobook.

Take your coaching to the next level

After downloading the COACH Audio Workbook to accompany your audiobook, what is the next step?

Enroll today in our COACH: Coaching for Business Performance online course. This course takes what you learned by listening to your audiobook and provides a step-by-step approach for learning and applying what you learn right away.

Included in the COACH online course

What’s the “killer”? It’s coaching clients who don’t follow-through. They don’t take action, even after you’ve explained exactly what to do and they’ve agreed to do it. Have any clients like that?

Then, this course was made for you. Learn why your clients don’t take action. There’s a reason for that and it’s unlike anything you’ve ever heard.

COACH doesn’t stop with reasons. You’ll also learn a breakthrough approach to get your clients to follow-through – so they see results and view your coaching as worthwhile. That approach, perfected over two decades of real-world coaching, is surprisingly simple. And in the pages of COACH, renowned coach Brian Icenhower will show you how to do it.

You will learn how to develop your coaching skills with techniques for probing, leading self-discovery, the pinpoint question, the finish line question, the support question, and the execution question. 

With downloadable scripts, resources, systems, and engaging point-by-point videos and workbooks, it’s all laid out for you.


Because you downloaded COACH Audio Workbook

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Coaching for coaches

Everyone needs a coach. Arguably, a coach needs one the most. 

You know it better than anyone else — there is always more to learn. And someone pushing you to grow, hold you accountable, and share experience is invaluable

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