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DISC is a tool that enables you to better understand yourself and others. Use it to help make career choices, improve relationships, and understand personal patterns. DISC theory is researched by Dr. William Moulton Marston at Harvard University in order to identify predictable actions and personality traits within human behavior. Marston narrowed these predictable personality traits into four DISC personality types: Dominance, Steadiness, Influence, and Compliance.


Direct. Decisive. High Ego Strength. Problem Solver. Risk Taker. Self Starter.


Enthusiastic. Trusting; Optimistic. Persuasive. Talkative. Impulsive. Emotional.


Good listener. Team player. Possessive. Steady. Predictable. Understanding. Friendly.


Accurate; analytical. Conscientious; careful. Fact-finder; precise. High standards; systematic.

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