It can be tempting to immediately throw new real estate agents into the field and expect them to start contributing to the team. However, without some training, it will take time for them to generate a pipeline of real estate leads. So what are the secrets to helping new real estate agents generate new leads and start closing deals?

For real estate agents, starting to produce quickly can be tricky, especially for new agents. But if you’re looking for a way to help new agents sell fast, one of the best places to start is with your SOI, or sphere of influence.

Getting real estate agents in production through a SOI is exactly how Jody Jolly has helped her team of new real estate agents close 22 transactions in their first quarter. Jody used our SOI: Building a Real Estate Agent’s Sphere of Influence as a flexible training option. By following the course Jody was able to allow agents to learn on their own, and then pair them in groups for role play and script practice. All the strategies and materials are provided, so she just had to monitor individual agent progress.

In this video, ICC founder, Brian Icenhower, speaks with team leader and productivity coach, Jody Jolly, about the quickest and most effective way to train new real estate agents and get them selling fast and producing income for the team.

Video: How to Help New Real Estate Agents Start Selling Fast!

Get the Online Course Here and master the secrets to helping new real estate agents start selling fast.


For even better real estate performance we also highly recommend reviewing prospecting methods and getting agents trained in that area too. It’s time to boost your real estate team and boost your income!

Check out this information on real estate prospecting

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