How REDX CRM Benefits Real Estate Agents


Real estate agents trying to improve client relationships find using Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software essential. While it’s essential to nurture existing relationships, you can’t grow and scale if you don’t keep finding new business. CRMs help with this work, too. They can find and develop relationships with new clients. The key is choosing the right CRM solution for your specific needs. REDX’s CRM is a purpose-built for real estate professionals with an eye on prospecting and nurturing client leads.

What is REDX?

REDX software targets the real estate industry. The company started as an expired leads service, but today its features help users set and measure objectives, connect with prospects, and maximize their time. Its flagship product blends a CRM and prospecting tool. According to REDX, “We empower agents to acquire and manage new clients while they develop sustainable growth and reliable business strategies.”

REDX seeks to provide the ultimate real estate prospecting platform. The Vortex software searches hundreds of public sources for real estate professionals to find and qualify prospects. Data is gathered on Expired Leads, For Sale By Owners, For Rent by Owners, Pre-foreclosures, and GeoLeads.

REDX Benefits

When comparing REDX to other CRM solutions, the keyword is “filter.” REDX’s platform has powerful filtering capabilities no matter what data segment you’re working.

Essentially, REDX will research prospects for you and compare against other data. Take Expired Listings. Vortex will find recently expired listings and compare against relistings before giving you contact information/ This makes sure agents don’t waste time calling someone who’s already found another agent.

Powering REDX’s filtering capabilities is its Vortex Prospecting Platform, a cloud-based lead management system. The Vortex applies the research capabilities explained above for Expired Listing to GeoLeads, FSBOs, FRBOs, and Pre-foreclosures. It highlights numbers on the “Do Not Call” list so real estate agents stay compliant. Vortex keeps leads organized with intuitive filters and tags. The system tracks calls and has calendar tools for follow-up reminders.

All the leads and prospecting tools are inside Vortex cutting the need for multiple integrations.

Another benefit is REDX’s Storm Dialer. This feature built into REDX’s Vortex lead manager, so you can start dialing with one click. It automatically skips bad numbers and leaves voicemails, connecting users only with leads ready to talk. The built-in scripts to help agents know what to say the moment they hear a prospect say, “hello.”

Examples of Use

Len Nevin used REDX to prospect expired leads. Over time, he found he was consistently setting listing appointments. He was able to transition from a part-time agent to full-time with the business he generated from the platform.

Another user is a fan of the Storm Dialer feature. Paula Burlison wanted to scale her business, which meant reaching more contact. The Storm Dialer sped up her system and reduced the connection time between a potential client answering and her introduction. REDX’s platform automatically uploads new leads.

Explore REDX

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