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Editable Buyer Presentation Packet


Demonstrate your professionalism to potential clients by wowing them with this buyer presentation. All the colors, images and text is easily customizable, making this a great marketing tool to use the next time you meet with a potential client. Becuase this is a general template, most of our clients take this and customize the text and use it as a guide. Once it is customized, they send it to a graphic designer to create a custom-branded version. This saves loads of time and can easily be updated by an admin with little to no graphic design experience.


The Editable Buyer Presentation Packet has over 15 slides real estate agents can pick and choose from. The colors, images and text are all editable.

The Editable Buyer Presentation Packet includes:

  1. A team overview – Start to build a strong client relationship by showcasing you company’s expertise and unique value proposition that sets you apart from other real estate agents.
  2. Buyer Readiness – Determine if the buyer is financially in a position to buy a home.
  3. Roles & Relationships – Who on your team will interact with the buyer, and how will you work together. Explaining this at the start helps set proper expectations.
  4. Home Buying Process – Outline the home buying process and expected timeline.
    • Importance of pre-approval
    • Loan application checklist
    • Home inspection – what it covers and why buyers get one
  5. FAQs – Address commonly asked questions and misconceptions upfront

Use all the slides, or pick the ones your clients will appreciate.

Download details:
The Editable Buyer Presentation Packet is a zipped file containing:
A PowerPoint (.pptx) file that is compatible with either a PC or Mac.


A Publisher (.pub) file that is  only compatible with a PC. Please note you must have Microsoft Publisher installed on your computer in order to open and edit this file.


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