Real Geeks: A Comprehensive Solution for Real Estate Businesses

Anyone or any team who is looking for a comprehensive solution to everything needed for a successful real estate business can find it all by using Real Geeks. The features of the Real Geeks software encompass a wide variety of real estate business elements, including CRM, IDX, lead generation and e-mail automation, plus many others! If you are looking for a user-friendly solution to finding and attracting more leads, and converting those leads into clients, keep reading to find out if Real Geeks is right for you or your team.

Key Features of Real Geeks:

Just about every realtor and real estate team needs a professional looking website to attract potential leads, and Real Geeks makes it easy to create and publish a website that illustrates what your brand is about. Other unique features of their website solutions include an IDX that is updated every 15-minutes, customizable agent pages, powerful search tools, a Custom Design Editor, and a built-in blog. You can keep your leads up-to-date and share your thoughts on the local real estate market with their easy-to-use website platform.

The Lead Manager CRM feature provided by Real Geeks makes it easy to alert your team whenever a new lead is generated. By utilizing automated email and text notifications, your agents will know to contact their latest lead immediately. You can also keep track of the engagement of each lead, which keeps your entire team accountable and ensures no lead goes uncontacted. The CRM also allows your team the ability to schedule appointments and set reminders, as well as take and keep detailed notes of every potential client. One of the unique aspects of Real Geeks’ software is the Idle Lead Reassignment feature; if a lead gets assigned and the agent does not engage, it will simple reassign the lead to another agent. You can be assured that every lead gets the same treatment with the Real Geeks CRM feature.

Since the majority of real estate agents live on their phone, it makes sense to have an easy-to-use mobile app that connects directly to the company software. Real Geeks provides an app that every agent can use and is included in the platform use. Agent benefits of the mobile app include a log of agent leads and being able to track the source of each lead. Your prospective clients can search homes within your database by location, receive push notifications of any updates, and use Advanced Property Search. Imagine providing your clients with the same features of the major real estate websites while still using your own company brand. All of this is possible with the Real Geeks platform.

Last, there is marketing, which is arguably the most important aspect of any real estate venture. Real Geeks provides a plethora of Marketing Tools and assistance for their real estate customers, including their team of experts who can help generate the right type of Facebook ads tailored specifically to your real estate market. Real Geeks also provides tools that will help your website generate more traffic and increase visibility on Google. The more traffic your site gets, the more leads you can generate. It’s that simple.

Using Real Geeks

With so many different features and tools, Real Geeks stands out as one of the best software solutions for real estate teams of every size. If you are eager to see how Real Geeks can make a difference in your real estate business, we highly encourage you to learn more.



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