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Top producers ensure that everything they do in their business is measured, analyzed, and improved upon. This creates an environment where every action or opportunity the business takes, improves their chances of future success—even the failures, which are often what fuels their growth the most.  If you don’t understand what’s going on in your business, how can you even begin to formulate a plan to improve? You’ll be forever shooting in the dark. In this Sisu Real Estate Review, you will learn about all the features that will help you manage your sales team.

I have detailed below how our partner Sisu can transform your business and provide answers to your “noisy” data. If you want to skip ahead, get a detailed demonstration and setup your free trial with the Sisu team, complete the form below. If you use the ICENHOWER code, Sisu will waive all your setup fees, import fees and integrations fees. If you want to watch a detailed recorded demonstration, check out this site.


The problem the industry faces, then that tracking everything that goes on in your business can be a logistical nightmare.

We’ve seen them, and we know you have, too. Pages upon pages of spreadsheets—none of them especially appealing to the eye—with formulas pointing in every which direction and each number requiring manual updates.

It’s about time someone created a solution, right?

I’ve been scouring the industry for a solution to solve this for some time, thinking “there has to be a better way than spreadsheets”. I even considered building the software myself. Then we started talking with Brian Charlesworth and the team over at Sisu and found their proposition very exciting.

Solving Real Estate’s Accountability Problems

Most of the time, the problem with real estate accountability is the processes and systems that support it.

Don’t get us wrong, any level of accountability is better than none (even if it’s a huge headache), but there are certainly easier ways of going about it. If you’re serious about your numbers, you need to be serious about the systems and processes that carry them.

The objective is to have one central location where team leaders and agents can go to check on the numbers that drive their business.

Below are some common roadblocks that teams run into, and how we’re solving them with Sisu.

Problem #1: Accountability systems are often built from an admin’s perspective only.

One of the things that many team leaders don’t realize about their spreadsheets is, while they might work just fine from an admin perspective, the agents hardly ever get value out of your spreadsheets. Most of the time, they don’t even have access. Even if they did, it’s often difficult to understand what’s going on in a spreadsheet—especially if you’re not the one who created it

Solution: Build your process from the agent’s perspective. This is the first thing that caught our eye about Sisu. It has a beautiful design and an intuitive interface. It’s something that your agents will actually want to look at, and a fully-functional mobile app means they won’t have to be cracking open their laptop to update your spreadsheet late at night.

Problem #2: In dysfunctional systems, the numbers don’t mean anything.

You do all kinds of goal setting with your agents throughout the year, helping them connect specific numbers and benchmarks with their overall income and lifestyle goals.

Problem is, it’s extremely hard to connect the numbers in your spreadsheet with the goals that your agents have. This means that often there’s little emotion, purpose, or motivation behind the numbers. If this is the case, it’s no wonder that they’re hard to track or interact with.

Solution: Give the numbers context, goals, and gamification. With beautiful design, you can create visuals that tie the numbers to their goals and objectives. At a glance, the agent will know if they’re on track to hit their goal. But that’s not all.

Sisu offers an entire gamification suite that allows you to assign point values to each number, create challenges, and offer incentives.

Having trouble getting your agents to log their calls each day? Throw up a leaderboard in your office and create a contest around it. Make your contacts work 50 points and dials worth 10. Offer an incentive to the winner. You’ll see an instant culture change around your office.

Problem #3: Traditional systems and processes are terribly disintegrated.

Your accountability program should be like a bucket that picks up data from a bunch of different points in your process, as well as pulling it from other systems.

When systems and processes are disintegrated, it’s more like a leaky bucket that only captures part of the story, requiring a bunch of manual entry from your team to plug up the holes. You’re left with a less accurate data set and a team that’s less enthusiastic about working for you.

Solution: Integrated systems and processes. Sisu has a completely open API and a corporate culture that is very enthusiastic about integrated systems. They’ll pull data from wherever they can (for example, check out their complete Boomtown! integration) and build the processes around things your agents have to do to get paid.

For example, your agents have to hand the transaction off to a transaction coordinator at some point, and usually, there are certain data points that they need to pass on so that the TC can start building that file. If the agent compiles that information and sends it to your TC in an email, that data never gets captured in any system. This is the leaky bucket problem. Instead, if the agent were to pull up the lead in Sisu, select a form (which will auto-populate with data that it’s pulled from your CRM), fill in the blanks, and sends it to your TC (who is then notified) the process captures as much data as possible and is less work on your agent. No duplicate entry.

Making Real Estate Team Accountability a Reality

Everyone talks about accountability, but very few execute on it at a high level. ICC coaching is excited to use Sisu in the future to give our clients’ numbers a home that reflects their true importance.

The time savings of capturing data using Sisu and the productivity gains from using it in coaching, contests, and making key business decisions will offer a considerable ROI to those who want to run their business by the numbers.

Schedule a demo of the Sisu solution here and mention Icenhower Coaching to remove all onboarding and implementation fees.



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