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Coaching programs

AGREEMENT:  This agreement is entered into between Icenhower Coaching & Consulting, INC (“COACH”) and the undersigned coaching client (“CLIENT”), whereby COACH will provide CLIENT with one on one coaching calls based upon coaching subscription selection at purchase. COACH will also provide CLIENT with a variety of other training materials, videos, scripts, programs, and other support documents to supplement many of the coaching calls.


  1. RIGHT TO RESCHEDULE:  Due to other commitments such as speaking engagements and training events, or other reasons such as vacation, illness, and holidays, COACH reserves the right to reschedule any weekly calls for any reason at another mutually agreeable time with CLIENT.
  1. TERMINATION:  This agreement is based on a twelve (12) month schedule. The CLIENT agrees to a full 12-month commitment commencing when this agreement was signed. Upon expiration of the twelve (12) month term, this contract will continue to renew for an additional 12-month term on an annual basis until the CLIENT provides written notice of termination of at least thirty (30) days prior to the expiration of the term. Notice shall be provided by email to COACH and Please note that all payments made by CLIENT are non-refundable. COACH may terminate this agreement for the first 6 months of this contract, for any reason not prohibited by law, during the term of this contract. COACH shall provide notice of termination to CLIENT at the email address provided.
  1. PROPRIETARY MATERIALS:  CLIENT acknowledges that all materials and information provided by COACH shall remain the proprietary materials and property of COACH and may not be recorded, copied, reproduced, videotaped, or disseminated without the prior written consent of COACH.
  1. PAYMENT:  An amount of coaching subscription purchase will be charged each month to CLIENT’S credit card or ACH provided by CLIENT upon purchase
  1. DEFAULT:  In the event of CLIENT’S default in payment for any monthly installment due, all coaching calls, services and privileges shall be suspended and CLIENT will remain liable for any unpaid payments. 
  1. GOVERNING LAW:  The laws of the State of California govern this agreement. The venue shall be in the County of Tulare, State of California.
  1. INVALIDITY AFFECTS ONLY THAT PROVISION:  If, for any reason, any term or provision of this agreement is construed to be unenforceable or void, the balance of the agreement will be effective and enforceable.

    This Agreement constitutes the entire Agreement between CLIENT and COACH and may be modified only by a writing signed by both parties.

  2.  DISPUTE RESOLUTION:  Any controversy between the parties regarding the construction or application of this Agreement, and any claim arising out of this Agreement or its breach, shall be submitted to mediation on the written request of one party after the service of that request on the other party. If the matter cannot be resolved by mediation, it shall be submitted to binding arbitration on the written request of one party after service of that request on the other party. Each party shall bear his/her own attorney fees and costs, and shall equally share the actual cost of mediation and/or arbitration.
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