Introducing Top Real Estate Negotiation Coach Cami Savage

real estate negotiation coach

Real Estate Career Highlights:

  • Started her real estate sales career in 2006, which includes a 3-year stint as a Real Estate office CEO.
  • In 2018, Cami sold over $12 Million in volume.
  • Loves the negotiation process, has a proven track record of closing real estate negotiations, which makes her a top real estate negotiation coach.

More About Real Estate Negotiation Coach Cami Savage:

Cami Savage is a real estate veteran in the Midwest. In her 1st full year in real estate, she was in the Top 10 of individual agents in volume sold out of a brokerage of over 2000 agents. She learned the industry by making it a priority to be at the office and surround herself with top producers. Her attention to detail, desire to learn and passion for relationships built the foundation for the success and opportunities she’s had.

In 2012, she put sales on hold for 3 years to take on the role as the CEO of a franchise office and grew that office from 78 to 135 agents. She coached the top 20% of producing agents and hired a staff of 5 that still work in the office to this day. Although recruiting, training and education was her focus, she quietly continued marketing to her SOI and referred nearly $15M in volume while helping others grow their business. It was in 2012 that she was first exposed to business coaching and since then she has been coached by some of the best: Rich Rector, Mike Bastian, Rick Geha, David Hoffman, and Monica Reynolds, to mention a few.

Her experience as a real estate agent, combined with her love of the negotiation process, is what makes her a phenomenal real estate negotiation coach.

In 2015, she decided to return to full-time sales as a solo agent. Later that year, she accepted an opportunity to partner with a local team that was going to be an expansion partner with DHG Network out of Charlotte, NC. In 2018, DHG did $203M in closed volume and 745 close units in 8 locations, including Cami’s team in Kansas City. Being a part of an expansion team afforded her the chance to learn more about what works and doesn’t work in the expansion process, the benefits of various CRM’s, the challenges and advantages of an ISA and how to model systems to function in different offices, in different states, all with various MLS rules and regulations.

In December of 2018, she and her business partner stepped away from DHG to refocus their energies on their team and their personal business goals. Their current team is made up of 8 agents that both list and sell, a marketing assistant, a listing manager, and a transaction coordinator. In 2018, she sold $12M in volume with 98% of the units sold being referrals. She currently coaches the agents on her team with a focus to build their business around database and referrals.

The Top 5 Things Cami LOVES About the Real Estate Business:

  1. The opportunity it has given me to grow professionally and personally.
  2. The relationships I’ve built with clients and extremely talented agents around the country.
  3. Negotiating Contracts: I love the thrill of winning in multiple offer situations. I actually just like negotiating. Period.
  4. Teaching others how to build a business in real estate and understanding the importance of the hiring process.
  5. That every single day is different, even when the habits of running the business are the same.

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