Vulcan7 Real Estate Review

Vulcan7 Real Estate Review

Lead prospecting tools help real estate professionals contact the right people at the right time. If you’re interested in targeting  For Sale By Owners, Expired Listings, Pre-foreclosures, or probate listings, take a look at Vulcan7. This lead prospecting platform combines a premium CRM with dialer features to make the process more accurate and efficient. In this Vulcan7 Real Estate Lead Generation Review, we will go in-depth into the functionality of this incredible software.

What does Vulcan7 do?

Vulcan7 delivers real-time contact data for FSBO and Expired Listings, with additional subscription add-ons for Cole Neighborhood Search and probate leads. When possible, Vulcan7’s prospecting software includes validated email addresses. Inside the CRM, users can organize contacts in ways suited to them. The CRM pairs with the Vulcan7Dialer so users can directly call the potential leads. The CRM integrates third-party sources like Google.

Who should use Vulcan7?

Any real estate agent actively prospecting benefits from Vulcan7. One testimonial said, “Vulcan7 is the most innovative tool available for agents who prospect daily.”

Vulcan7’s Value

Vulcan7 is committed to delivering quality information on their leads with the real estate agent doing as little work as possible. While users can upload their existing data, most clients log into the lead manager and start working. For team, admin control and team management allows users to collaborate.

Like other lead prospecting tools, Vulcan7’s data includes home, work, and cell numbers. All the data is validated before being sent to the agent, and users can double check if a property has been re-listed. However, one unique feature is its ability to source email addresses on Expired Properties. This gives real estate agents another avenue for contacting prospects even when they don’t answer the phone.

Vulcan7 offers add-on services. The Vulcan7 Neighborhood Search feature allows users to prospect a single address, database, or an area. With the Cole Neighborhood Search, find access to up to five types of prospects: Cole neighborhood search, aerial search, renter, commercial, and directories. This option allows subscribers to access and download prospect files as many times as they wish.

Probate leads are another available option. Subscribers receive phone contact information plus automated campaigns, credibility kids, and web presence sites.

The Vulcan7Dialer pairs to the CRM, allowing clients to call directly from the software. Call up to 80 contacts per hour while maintaining control over the system. Speed up, slow down, or pause the dialer. One click delivers a pre-recorded message so agents instantly move onto the next call. Live Statistics show productivity, letting individuals and teams know their progress.

Using Vulcan7

We hope this Vulcan7 Real Estate Review helps you make an informed decision regarding its functionality. Vulcan7 is designed to simplify the lead prospecting process by combining innovative dialing with lead generation. To take a closer look at Vulcan7, visit their site.


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