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Property Preview Scripts for Lead Generation

Learn how top producing agents use these property preview scripts and dialogues to generate new business rapidly and obtain a tremendous amount of market knowledge, all without spending costly advertising dollars. Although many top producing agents preview property as a regular part of their business development plans, this lead generation method is one of the fastest and most cost-effective ways newer agents can increase business along with their client databases.  Before examining the property preview scripts below, it’s important to first understand the best practices and techniques for previewing property effectively.

Systematize Property Previews

Property Preview ScriptsBegin the property preview process by searching the multiple listing service database for a group of 4 or 5 active listings located in a tight geographic area and scheduling showings to preview the homes for prospective buyers consecutively within a 2 hour window.  Then pull up the addresses of all the expired listings in the same area for the past 12 months before heading out to view the active listings you have scheduled.  After you view each listing, knock on the doors of 2 houses to the left of the listing, 2 houses to the right, and 4 homes across the street using one of the property preview scripts below.  Also be sure to knock on the doors of all the expired listings in the area.  Also be sure to contact all of the For Sale By Owner (FSBO) homes as well.  For each expired listing and FSBO home, knock on the doors of 2 houses to the left, 2 houses to the right, and 4 homes across the street using the same script provided above.  Top producing agent Brad Baldwin explains his process and scripts for previewing property in the following video.

Property Preview Scripts


“Hi! I’m John Smith with ABC Realty, and we’re trying to find a buyer for your neighbor’s home, which has 4 bedrooms, 2 baths and is priced at $220,000.  Who do you know that would like to move into the area?”  Obtain the contact information of any lead they may give you, and otherwise proceed with the script below . . .

“While we’re here, when do you plan on moving?”  If they plan to move in less than a year, proceed with the script . . .

“How long have you lived in this home?”

“Where did you move from?”

“If you were going to move, where would you move to?”

“Would it be of benefit to know what your home is currently worth and be able to start previewing homes online on your own?” Then set an appointment to review comparison sales, set them up on a private MLS search, and list the property for sale.



“Hi, I’m John Smith with ABC Realty, I was calling to let you know that (85) homes have sold in your area in the last (30) days, and (63) of those sold at or above the marketed price!  Did you know this?”  Answer: “No”.

“We know that when homes sell that fast, typically 2 or 3 more homes in the same neighborhood sell right away. So I was curious as to when you plan on moving?”  Answer: “No plans”.

“Great!  How long have you lived in your home?” Answer: “5 years”.

“Terrific!  Where did you live before that?” Answer: “Denver, Colorado”.

“Excellent!  How did you pick this community?”  Answer: “To be near family”.

“Wonderful!  So if you were to move, where would you move next?”  Answer: “To Florida”.

“Exciting!  And when would that most likely be?”  If their  Answer is a year or less, continue:

“Did you know that it can take up to 6 months to get a home prepared, marketed and sold in today’s market?”  Answer: “No”.

“Great!  So do you want your home sold in a year, or do you want to start the process of selling then?”  Answer: “Sold”.

“Perfect!  All that we need to do to start you on your way to (Florida) is pick a time to get together. How does that sound?”  Answer: “Great”.

“Excellent!  Would Wednesday or Thursday at 4:00pm work better for you?”  Then set an appointment to review comparison sales, set them up on a private MLS search, and list the property for sale.

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