The High-Performing Real Estate Team

Best selling real estate book by Brian Icenhower. 

Best-Selling Book

Transform Your Real Estate Business into a Sales Powerhouse.

Learn the systems and secrets of top real estate agents and brokerages. This book offers actionable systems and processes that can be immediately implemented to take you, your fellow agents, and your team or brokerage to the next level.


Who Needs to Build a Team?

If you're in one of these groups you need this book!


Dramatically increase the sales and commission of your firm through leadership and team building practices.


Become a more effective agent by understanding how to best lead your clients and learn how to grow your team beyond your solo agency.


Learn how to aid your team through implementing communication processes to lead the most effective operations systems.


Meet the Author: Brian Icenhower

Brian Icenhower is the CEO and Founder of Icenhower Coaching & Consulting (ICC), which provides customized coaching and training programs to many of the highest producing real estate agents, teams and brokerage owners in North America. This progressive company also produces online courses, podcasts, training materials, speaking events, video modules, and real estate training books. ICC is one of the largest real estate coaching companies in the world with thousands of clients and a large team of the most accomplished coaches in the industry. 

What's inside

Actionable Insights.

Focusing on the 20% of the activities that drive expansion, this book shows you how to create renewed enthusiasm, productivity, engagement, and exponential growth at your real estate team. With this book, you will:


Clients Feedback

It is a long established fact that a reader will be distracted by the readable content of a page when looking at its layout. It is a long established fact that a reader.

Who is this for?

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Written  for real estate agents, teams brokerages and franchise owners, The High-Performing Real Estate Team is an indispensable resource that will guide you toward growth while providing you with the resources and downloadable materials to reach your goals faster. 


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