Use these 7 tested Realtor scripts to ask for referrals from past clients and other people in a real estate agent’s Sphere of Influence, or SOI.

Today we are going to give you some of our top Realtor scripts to ask for referrals. Not only that, we will help you systematize your scripted asks to make sure they happen throughout (and after) the transaction process. And, you’ll get a FREE download of our awesome Scripted Asks!

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Systematize asking for referrals

Most Realtors lack a system for asking for referrals. Before we dive in and show you Realtor scripts to ask for referrals, let’s discuss why asking for referrals is important. And, why you should systematize your asks. Here are the three main questions we will answer today.

  1. Why ask for referrals?
  2. How do I ask for referrals?
  3. How can I put a system around asking for referrals?

What happens if you don’t systematize your tasks to ask for referrals? Well, the same thing that happens with almost anything in your business when you fail to implement a system.

  • You’ll get excited to start asking for referrals regularly
  • You’ll start off motivated to reap the benefits
  • Time will pass, and you’ll lose your momentum
  • You’ll forget to follow up with a client here and there
  • Soon, your great habit is gone. You convince yourself that “it didn’t work anyway” and forgo the task completely

1. Why ask for referrals?

Asking for referrals is an easy way to grow your business. Using Realtor scripts to ask for referrals will help. There are two main categories of people that you can ask for referrals.

  • Current clients (During the transaction process: people to whom you are showing homes, people who are listing their home with you, people with whom you are under contract, etc.)
  • Past clients (After the transaction is over)

The highest rate of referrals will come from the people you are working with on an active basis. Your current clients are the people who are most likely to refer new business your way. How do you get referrals? You must ask for them. If you don’t ask, you won’t receive. If you just wait and hope that someone will refer clients to you, it isn’t going to happen.

Realtor scripts to ask for referrals from your current clients

You may be resistant to asking your current clients for referrals. Maybe it feels awkward to you. (Hint: That’s why we have scripts!) The reason why we make it a point to ask current clients for referrals is because they are likely talking to their friends, family, and acquaintances about their home search. It’s also likely that they know other people who are thinking of buying or selling. Because they are having these conversations with their friends and family, they can refer you business very easily.

Realtor scripts to ask for referrals

2. How do I ask for referrals? (Realtor scripts to ask for referrals)

A large majority of your business comes from your sphere of influence (SOI). From the very beginning of your Realtor-client relationships, you must let them know that you work by referral. “I get the vast majority of my business by word of mouth, and through past clients that I’ve built a relationship with.”

Remind your current clients of this throughout the transaction. Show them how proud you are of having this relationship with them, and repeat over and over that you have chosen to work “by referral only.” It should make them feel special, and make you seem more high-level and exclusive. You are training them how to think about you and your business.

Realtor scripts to ask for referrals

Here’s one script that you can use as you continually remind your current clients that you get most of your business from referrals.

By the way, the majority of my business comes by word-of-mouth from past clients. It’s how I prefer to run my business. So, if you know anyone that is looking to buy or sell a home this year, would you mind referring them to me?

Want more Realtor scripts for requesting referrals? Keep reading – we are giving away our Scripted Asks as a FREE download.

3. How can I put a system around it?

You should be asking for referrals a minimum of 5 times throughout your client relationship. Some of our top-producing clients ask 10-15 times. The key is to add these tasks to your Listing and Closing Checklists.

By adding to your checklist the task of asking for referrals, you can ensure that you are asking enough times to see results. And, you won’t worry about forgetting to ask. It will become a part of your system, just like any other part of the real estate transaction. Using Realtor scripts to ask for referrals will ensure that you are asking the right thing, and will help take the awkwardness out of it. The more you do it, the easier it will get!

When to ask for a referral

Always ask for a referral at a time of celebration. For example: after your offer is accepted, after the home inspection is completed, after the appraisal, after closing, etc. Find an exciting and positive time to ask for a referral.

FREE DOWNLOAD: Scripted Asks

Today, we are giving you 7 Realtor scripts to ask for referrals as a FREE DOWNLOAD. We call them our “Scripted Asks” – and they are a great jumping off point as you systematize asking your clients for referrals. You can mix and match the script language, edit them to your liking, and use them in your daily client interactions.

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Asking for a referral when the transaction is over

Finally, let’s talk about how to ask a past client for a referral. It’s all about the follow up. You can always find a reason to check in with a past client. Ask them questions to uncover any needs you could help them with. Do they need help finding a plumber or a landscaper? How’s the new school for their 8-year-old? Any luck with the bathroom remodel?

Recommending one of your trusted vendors to your client is a two-fold win for you. You are giving your trusted vendor referral business (and now they owe ya!) Furthermore, you are helping your past client – giving you a golden opportunity to ask for referrals yet again.

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Stay up to date on what’s happening in our industry and join our Facebook group, the Real Estate Agent Round Table for free, relevant content daily, including breaking news on the real estate market.

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