Does your agent website play offense or just defense?  The vast majority of real estate agent websites exist only to evidence an agent’s value to prospective customers and fail to generate new internet leads.  Much like in many sports, agent websites often just play defense and wait for potential clients to research a particular agent online to determine if the agent is reputable.  Effective agent websites also play offense and are able to proactively capture new home buyer and seller leads as well.  The following reveals some of the strategies that top real estate internet lead generators utilize to consistently generate business from their agent websites.

Creating a Realtor’s Online Presence

In the video below, Inman News’ “Innovator of The Year” award winner Laurie Weston Davis of The Geeky Girls outlines the fundamental characteristics of successful real estate agent websites and describes how they are utilized to generate new business online.

How Agent Websites Get Offensive

An effective agent website should contain a blog to enable agents to post about specific topics that will drive traffic back to the site.  The blog becomes the offensive arm of the site that reaches out to lure the public back to the agent website while increasing the site’s search engine optimization (SEO).  Top real estate internet lead generators also know to always bait their hooks properly when fishing in order to attract attention to the posts they cast out into the water.  They use free tools like Google AdWord’s Keyword Planner to ensure that their blog posts contain the most frequently used search terms and plugins like WordPress SEO by Yoast to assist them in including the keywords in their posts’ content, title, subheadings, tags and meta description.

Use Social Media To Drive Traffic

Once the hook is properly baited, top agents understand that locating the proper fishing pond is essential to attract initial attention.  An search engine optimized blog post will not attract Google’s attention if no one ever clicks on it, so it is important to make sure it gets an initial boost. Social media networks provide a number of stocked ponds ready to attack a baited post.  Look for Facebook Groups, Google+ Communities and LinkedIn Groups related to your location and post topics.  Using hashtags on Twitter and other social media channels can also lure a target audience back to agent websites.  When the post receives these initial hits, search engines begin to take notice and start to move it up on their search pages when the post’s keywords are used by the public in searches. Accordingly, the increased traffic generated by blog posts helps to enhance the SEO of agent websites as well.

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