BoomTown Real Estate Software Review


Whether you’re just getting your real estate company started or growing your team across several markets, BoomTown has a software or CRM solution for you! Boomtown provides a wide variety of features which not only make lead generation easier, but also empowers your team and provides accountability measures to ensure that your real estate business is running smoothly and effectively. If you are looking for an easy-to-use software with different tiers depending on your team’s size, BoomTown could be the right solution for you and your agents.

Key Features of BoomTown:

BoomTown provides a total of four different tiers: Launch, Core, Grow, and Advance. In this section, we will delve into the unique features of each tier, making it easy to determine which one suits your needs best.

BoomTown Launch:

At the base of all BoomTown CRM tiers are homebuyer-friendly website solutions with agent-specific subdomains. Choose from a wide variety of themes that have demonstrated to provide a professional look that impresses prospective clients. Other unique features of BoomTown Launch include MLS listings updating every half hour, an interface that provides lead activity and engagement for every team member, Round Robin Lead Distribution, online lead generation from a team of experts, and a mobile app that provides even more options for your team to stay connected to their leads and allows you to keep track of their client interactions effectively.

BoomTown Core:

Along with all of the features included in BoomTown Launch, the Core tier also includes Smart Drip and Bulk Text, which provides an automated lead follow-up solution with most of the text provided for you. Other features include Agent Accountability Reporting, which provides insights to ensure every team member is meeting their weekly or monthly goals, as well as Pipeline Management, a tool designed to analyze sales, costs, and profitability.

BoomTown Grow:

The tier perfect for real estate teams that place a strong emphasis on attracting sellers to their real estate company, BoomTown Grow combines everything from the Core and Launch tiers and includes two unique features: the Seller Lead Suite and Integrations. Seller Lead Suite provides a home valuation tool to prospective selling clients along with home values in their neighborhood, while Integration allows you and your team to access an entire suite of real estate business tools without having to log into them individually.

BoomTown Advance:

The most comprehensive of real estate software tiers provided by BoomTown, Advance is perfect for the real estate company that is building a regional, statewide, or national brand all under one umbrella. Prospective clients who interact with a BoomTown advance website can access a variety of different housing markets and MLS listings in a variety of different locations. Also, with the Network Reporting feature, realtors can track all the relevant data from every one of their offices. If you have big dreams of a regionally recognized brand in real estate, this tier will go a long way in helping you achieve them!


From their useful NOW Mobile App to a user-friendly website and lead generation assistance that can be tailored to a team of one or one-thousand, there is a BoomTown software solution perfect for just about every real estate company. If you are interested in utilizing this amazing software, learn more.


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