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We’ve witnessed how Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software improves client relationships. It’s not the only benefit of a CRM. Real estate professionals find CRMs help them be more efficient at their work, reach the right person at the right time, and improve their ability to make connections. Many CRMs are on the market, but the best ones for real estate are specifically designed with real estate in mind. Firepoint is one such CRM built from the ground up by real estate agents for real estate agents. This Firepoint CRM Review will make it easy to understand if Firepoint is right for you.

What is Firepoint?

Firepoint was born after its founders couldn’t find a CRM solution they actually wanted to use. Feedback from real estate agents has been front and center from day one. Since launching its initial CRM, the company has applied user suggestions to improve its platform, leading to an expansive suite of tools. Today, Firepoint’s mission is to be an all-in-one solution to help teams of any size scale. The software offers a combination of features: a CRM, an IDX-enabled website, lead generation tools and reporting insights.

Firepoint Benefits

The prime benefit to using Firepoint is its easy-to-use interface. The company knows real estate professionals have a range of technology experience and skill. The founders wanted Firepoint’s features to be simple for anyone to figure out and start using. Time and time again, reviewers cite how easy it is to use Firepoint. For any challenges that do arise, clients have a dedicated account manager for support.

While Firepoint is easy to use, it offers plenty of customization. The CRM allows the user to organize their leads in a way that makes sense to them. The IDX-website has plug-and-play templates that allow different pages to show custom content, like blogs and testimonials.

Their latest feature, Lead Ponds, is a lead generation tool promising the fastest speed to new leads on the market. Teams can centralize unassigned leads and improve their follow-up accountability. This works in tandem with Firepoint’s lead generation tools. Firepoint is a certified Google Premier Partner that has experts in pay per click advertising.

For teams, Firepoint’s Smart CRM streamlines communication. The detailed lead pages show when and how team members contacted clients. This makes it easier to manage a client’s lifecycle.

While Firepoint does offer a CRM, website, and lead generation in one place, the software has additional integrations or partnerships with providers like, Rokrbox, ReadyChat, Zillow and Trulia.

Examples of Use

In a webinar, Kris McCullough, CEO of KSA Real Estate Group and Co-Founder of The Real Estate Blitz, explains he decided to use Firepoint because it felt intuitive and so easy to use. “It’s built so intuitively to how an agent thinks that I wasn’t having to figure out, ‘where would this button be?’ and, ‘how do I find this metric so I can figure out what’s going on…’ It’s all right there.”

Agent Rochelle Bradley found she received higher quality leads using Firepoint’s system. The CRM helps manage the leads, optimize responses, and convert them into real clients.

Explore Firepoint

We hope this Firepoint CRM Review provides the insight you need to decide if this real estate software is what you’ve been looking for.

For a CRM solution with additional features, tour Firepoint. It offers a smart CRM that manages your entire client lifecycle plus offers features to optimize your lead generation and track performance.


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