Use these buyer agent scripts and talking points to help create urgency in home buyers in a competitive real estate market with low housing inventory.

These buyer agent scripts could not come to you at a better time. Tis the season for excuses — excuses from buyers on why they should wait to buy. “I want to wait until after the holidays!” “I’d feel better waiting until after the market crashes.” “Maybe when my kids are out of school, the timing will be better.”

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Ask the right questions with these buyer agent scripts

Agents deal with this a lot this time of year. And, unfortunately, most real estate agents don’t respond properly. When they are met with “I want to wait,” most agents say, “Okay, no problem! I’ll reach out at that time.” Instead of digging deeper and asking the right questions to these buyers, they let the opportunity get away from them.

Flip the script. Instead of backing down and letting them wait to buy, here is a buyer agent script to use.

“NAME, what if there was a financial benefit to doing something now instead of waiting? Would you want to hear about that?”

Nearly 100% of all buyers will at least say yes, I’d like to hear about this possible financial benefit. You will get a positive response from asking this question. At this point, you need to set up a meeting with this potential buyer — a buyer consultation. It can be 10-15 minutes, tops, and it can even be virtual if that’s easier for them. At this meeting, you will get to use buyer agent scrips and also actually show them what you are talking about.

Don’t just tell them, show them

Here are some amazing graphics that you can share with your buyers during your consultation. These infographics provide a visual guide to why now is the time to buy. You aren’t just talking at your potential clients and using buyer agent scripts to change their mind, you’re actually showing them why you have their best interest at heart.

buyer agent scripts
Buyer agent script: “The real estate market has almost always gone up, as you can clearly see in this graph. The grey columns represent recessions. One time, as you can see in this chart, the recession made the line dip down for three or four years. But, it went right back up. Looking at this chart, you can see that price will continue to go up.”
buyer agent scripts
Buyer agent script: “In 2020, NAR recorded that home prices appreciated 9% in 2020 while we were in the middle of the COVID-19 pandemic. In 2021, home prices are projected to go up 10%, and that is a reserved estimate. Most of the experts I’ve talked to say it will be closer to 12% or 13%. So, what does that mean to you? You want to wait until after the holidays. In four or five months, with that amount of appreciation, the price will have gone up four or five percent.” (And you can calculate what that difference would be for your client.) “Is that a lot of money to you? This is why we want to act now and not wait.”
buyer agent scripts
This graphic is most helpful with sellers, and it’s also helpful for you to understand as a real estate agent. Most agents are saying that we have a low inventory problem. Yes, it is hard to buy a home right now, but no, we do not have a low inventory problem. This graph proves that fact.

Separate the looker from the buyer

You have a list of leads in your inventory pipeline. Take these graphics from this blog and call every single one of the leads in your pipeline. Ask them, “You said you wanted to buy a house in X months … is this still your plan?” If they say yes, say, “Great, when can we set an appointment to talk more about that?” Simple buyer agent scripts like this will get you re-engaged with your leads. Then, you give them a presentation that includes these educational graphics.

No matter the objection, you, as the real estate agent, need to decide if you want to work with this buyer or not. If they see the infographics above and they still have questions and feel unsure about moving forward, they may just be a looker. Buyers in today’s market need to be aggressive if they are going to have any hope in buying a home. If they aren’t willing to be all in with you, they are probably just a looker and not a buyer.

There’s nothing wrong with a looker. Put them on your email campaign and stay in touch. Nurture, nurture, nurture. Just know that they may not be a serious buyer right now, so focus your time on the serious ones. Find buyers that want to move quickly and have the fire to take action.

Remember, the market is not going to crash

There is simply no way that it could. The market relies on supply and demand. There is no possible way for supply to catch up to demand, which continues to increase. Right now, no home builder has enough lumber to build enough houses to catch us up. Not by a long shot. We could never meet the current demand.

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Stay up to date on what’s happening in our industry and join our Facebook group, the Real Estate Agent Round Table for free, relevant content daily, including breaking news on the real estate market.

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