Learn the listing presentation scripts to overcome seller objections about commission, price, condition of the home and the need to interview other agents.  I was able to interview three top real estate listing specialists to discuss the these objections frequently stated by sellers in listing presentations.  Matt Graham, Ken Smith and Shelleen Wienke then revealed their favorite scripts and dialogues for handling and overcoming these objections.  Throughout our discussion about overcoming listing presentation objections an underlying theme seemed to continuously surface: make it about the client’s needs.  In the following video these three real estate professionals explain how they are able to tap  into their clients’ true motivation for moving and how they overcome some of the most frequent seller objections in listing presentations:

Listing Presentations: Ask Questions

No matter whether an objection be about price, commission, condition of the home, or the need to interview other agents, it is essential for a real estate agent to illustrate how a desired activity is in alignment with a client’s needs in a listing presentation.  Experienced real estate professionals understand that this is never accomplished by telling or arguing, but instead by coming from curiosity and asking questions. More specifically, agents must ask questions about why clients want to move to determine a homeowner’s true motivation in a listing presentation. Once clients self-discover that their minor objections are hindering their major motivators, they soon become willing to take the necessary actions to turn their needs into reality.

Listing Presentations: Determine the Motivation

It is important to understand that most client objections stem from a general resistance to take action.  Action requires uncomfortable behavior, and objections are simply a way to justify not having to take the uncomfortable steps necessary to move.  This is why it is imperative to take the time in a listing presentation to ask questions and explore why it is they want to move in the first place.  This way agents can remind them of their motivators when the objections arise.  For example, a smoker may tell a doctor that he wants to quit smoking to live a healthy life long enough to watch his grandchildren grow up.  Yet the smoker will later object to actually taking the steps necessary to quitting smoking. Quitting smoking is uncomfortable, so the doctor must remind the smoker that if he doesn’t make the sacrifice and stop smoking he will not be as likely to watch his grandchildren grow up.  Then simply let the smoker make the choice between smoking and his grandchildren.  Similarly, top agents will uncover why homeowners want to move and allow them to make the choice between their motivation and their objections.

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