Use these luxury home listing presentation scripts and talking points for real estate agents to overcome the most common luxury home seller objections.

In today’s session, I talk with George Khoury, long-time ICC coaching client, about luxury home listing presentation scripts. George is from Fort Lauderdale, Florida. He is the number one luxury listing agent in the Ft. Lauderdale area. Over the course of our coaching, I’ve been able to witness him break through and become a top-notch luxury real estate agent.

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How to break into a luxury market

George Khoury, the broker of the GK Realty Group, dominates the luxury market in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. About ten years ago, George was selling houses in the average price point in the Fort Lauderdale area, which was around $500,000. He always wanted to break into the luxury market but didn’t know how or where to start. After a lot of hard work, strategic coaching sessions, and prospecting like crazy, George was able to get into luxury. He targeted FSBOs and expired listings in his target luxury neighborhoods, and this got his foot in the door.

After George secured his first luxury listing, he used the geographic farming techniques that we teach here at ICC to saturate his target neighborhoods. This marketing plan began to portray him as the local luxury real estate expert. This plan isn’t any different from the geographic farming plan we teach our non-luxury clients. The only difference is the design and the quality of the materials. It needs to “feel” luxurious and expensive. Stay tuned, because by the end of this blog, we have a luxury home listing presentation template that we are going to give you for free. This is a great example of how you can use simple, clean, “luxurious” design to help you break through to the luxury market.

How to create a luxurious brand image

We provide high-quality marketing materials to our clients here at ICC. That said, it may be worth it to go ahead and hire a graphic designer to create a bunch of custom, luxury-themed templates for you to use in your marketing. Here are a few tips to focus on when creating your own luxury home listing presentation template. Remember, this same look should carry over to all of your marketing in order to be effective!

  • Consistency. You want your design to be consistent across your brand. If you have a beautiful, luxurious feel in your listing presentation but your other marketing pieces don’t match, you are going to miss.
  • Elegant font choice. Fonts are important! Your graphic designer should have a good feel for luxurious font choices.
  • Bold, not loud, colors. You should brand yourself carefully with the colors you choose. It’s a good idea to pick one bold, saturated color, and then several muted tones that compliment that color. Your graphic designer should know how to navigate this.
luxury home listing presentation

Luxury home listing presentation objection handling

I talked to George before about some of the common objections that he faces during luxury home listing presentations. (You can find that interview by clicking here.) The main takeaway? The objections that a luxury agent faces during a listing presentation are unique. Luxury clients have specific concerns, and it’s important to address them head-on. Your confidence is key, here. Be sure to read our article on luxury listing objection handling to learn some important scripts that will help you prepare.

Another common objection that you’ll face during a luxury home listing presentation is around your commission. Remember, all the top-producing real estate agents have the confidence to hold the line when it comes to commission. Your script can be as simple as this when asked about lowering your commission percentage.

No, we are a full-service company. We get the highest price for our clients, and we do that by charging the normal rate. (Then, transition to talking about the buyer’s side.) We must pay the buyer’s agent the full percentage. We know that 96% of home buyers use an agent to purchase a home. Buyers don’t buy on their own. We’re actually marketing to the other agents more than the general public. Agents use our local MLS to find the homes to show their clients, and right on there, it displays what we will pay them in commission. This is not a place to cut costs. We want all agents interested in showing your property.

Buzzwords for your objection handling

Use buzzwords like “roll the dice,” “cutting corners,” “gambling” when talking to a luxury client about the risks of reducing commission. The safe, conservative play is to invest in your “business.” Selling your home is a business transaction. Don’t risk losing out on higher offers by gambling with our plan to market your home in the best light possible. We want the best result here — to get the highest price possible.

You can also show your luxury home listing presentation client exactly where your commision costs are going. Show them the list of how you market. Where should we cut our costs to reduce commission? No photos? No marketing? Should we cut staging? Rhetorical questions like this will get them on your side quickly.

Now that you’ve gotten past their objection to cut back the commission, you can dive into everything you are going to do for them. Demonstrate that you are the hardest working Realtor out there. Remember this: luxury clients will be willing to pay more if you show them the value.

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