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Fillable Buyer and Seller Lead Sheets


Agents come across as confident and organized when they use lead sheets to take control of phone conversations with potential buyers and sellers. Additionally, using lead sheets prevents important questions from being skipped and helps uncover buyer and seller motivation and behavioral profiles, allowing agents to tailor listing presentations. Purchase these fillable lead sheets and use them on every call.


It’s crucial for agents to take control of initial conversations with buyers and sellers to conduct a proper diagnosis with the confidence of an alert and well-trained doctor. A good doctor doesn’t prescribe painkillers or antibiotics just because a patient wants them. Instead, he asks a series of probing questions to inform himself and determine the patient’s needs. Top agents do this too, through active listening.

The benefits of using buyer or seller lead sheets are threefold.

First, buyer and seller lead sheets give the questions to ask, and a place to record the answers. This keeps the real estate agent in control of the conversation, enabling them to diagnose the buyer or sellers needs and then meet the needs.

Second, using buyer and seller lead sheets visually underscores the agent’s expertise and professional approach. Asking a series of targeted questions preparation and expertise (the agent knows the questions to ask), confidence, organization (they are using a pre-printed form) and professionalism (buyers or sellers their responses are recorded). It also demonstrates that the agent cares about their needs.

A third benefit of the Seller Lead sheet is that it helps to unearth possible objections that you will likely need to overcome during the in-person listing consultation later. Many of the questions will prompt buyer or seller responses that reveal potential objections due to price, lack of motivation, competition etc.

Purchase these Fillable Buyer and Seller lead sheets and use them on every call or at every meeting.

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This product contains two editable PDF files.

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