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Inventory Pipeline Tracker


Having trouble tracking the status of each of your listings and remembering which leads need follow-up? This Inventory Pipeline Tracker will help you manage your real estate pipeline, from potential business to listings, buyers and pending contracts.


At any given time, a real estate agent will have multiple properties in various stages of the overall transaction. This Inventory Pipeline Tracker helps track the details and listing-status of each property and/or client.

Real estate agents do a great job monitoring current contracts, but often fail to systematically track and manage potential business. This can cause agents miss opportunities to push potential clients forward in the home buying and selling processes, costing them commissions. This Inventory Pipeline Tracker is also an important communication tool that identifies leads that need to be nurtured and followed- up with.

The Inventory Pipeline Tracker includes a Buyer Inventory list with an at-a-glance ‘status’ column. This clearly communicates which clients are actively looking at properties, which clients have cancelled appointments and need to be rescheduled, and other pertinent information for both you and the agent.

Download details:
This product is an editable Excel file with information on four sheets.

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