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prospect audio workbook

You’re here to download our PROSPECT Audio Workbook, designed to accompany the audiobook for PROSPECT: The Real Estate Lead Generation Manual, by Brian Icenhower.

We’re so glad you’re enjoying PROSPECT: The Real Estate Lead Generation Manual. Here is the workbook/resource material to accompany the audiobook.

Take this course on prospecting for real estate agents

You already enjoyed the PROSPECT audiobook, and downloaded the PROSPECT audio workbook above. So what’s next? There is so much more to learn about prospecting for real estate agents.

Check out our PROSPECT: The Real Estate Lead Generation Manual online course.

Included in the PROSPECT: The Real Estate Lead Generation Manual online course

The PROSPECT online course takes you through the process of developing the skill of lead generation. This course will guide you through, module by module, the principles and tactics necessary to start prospecting like a Top Producer

This course comes jam packed with scripts, tips, and downloadable resources, as well as fillable tracking tools that are yours to use. You’ll learn everything you need to know to take your prospecting skills to the next level.


Since we know you’ve listened to the PROSPECT audiobook and downloaded the PROSPECT audio workbook, you already have a background in what we teach on prospecting and lead generation. In this course, you will take it a step farther. You’ll learn to avoid common pitfalls, make connections and build your sphere of influence (SOI), and make the most of every opportunity for lead generation. 

Tracking and accountability are two important topics that are covered in this course as well. And, of course, time management. How much time and effort you need to put into your prospecting tasks each day in order to see a serious impact on your bottom line, without sacrificing your work-life balance?


Because you downloaded PROSPECT Audio Workbook

While we have you here, allow us to share with you some other high-level lead generation resources. You’ll find some great resources included in your PROSPECT audio workbook, and if you like what you see, you may find these resources a huge asset to your real estate business as well.

Coaching for prospecting and lead generation

Beyond consuming the PROSPECT audiobook and downloading the PROSPECT Audio Workbook, what are you doing to ensure that you begin to put the principles and tactics you’re learning into practice? Do you have anyone pushing you forward and holding you accountable? 

This is how hiring an elite coach can change the game for you. Get an ICC coach in your corner to push you and take you to task. You’ve learned what you should do. Now, get someone to coach you on how to do it efficiently and at a high level.

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