Use this real estate sales training program to help onboard and train agents in your brokerage, team or organization.

Today I’m thrilled to share insights into a comprehensive real estate sales training program that can pave the way for developing high producing Realtors.

This isn’t just about sharing knowledge. It’s about changing the trajectory of careers in real estate by addressing the most critical aspect of an agent’s success: lead generation.

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VIDEO: Real Estate Sales Training Program to Train High Producing Realtors

The Critical Role of Lead Generation

In my years of coaching and consulting, one fact has become undeniably clear: the heart of a Realtor’s success lies in their ability to generate leads.

While the industry is replete with lead conversion programs, a glaring gap exists in training agents to actually attract these leads. It’s a concerning oversight given that a staggering 33% of new agents exit the industry within their first year, primarily due to insufficient business.

This high attrition rate underscores the urgent need to shift focus towards lead generation in real estate sales training programs.

Bridging the Gap with a Six-Quadrant Approach

To effectively address this need, I’ve developed a six-quadrant framework that categorizes all facets of real estate training and education. 

The Six Quadrants

  • Lead Generation vs. Lead Conversion
  • National vs. Local Level Training
  • Team vs. Brokerage Training

This framework highlights the need for lead generation and it provides a structured approach that covers every aspect of an agent’s training.

From national to local training and from teams to brokerage operations, this comprehensive strategy equips agents with the skills to thrive in today’s competitive market.

1. Lead Generation vs. Lead Conversion

At the core of our training program is the fundamental choice between lead generation and lead conversion. Traditional training methods focus on conversion, teaching agents how to close deals without first showing them how to open these opportunities. 

This approach has left many agents struggling to find their footing in the industry. By prioritizing lead generation, we aim to fill this gap and give agents a steady pipeline of clients.

2. National vs. Local Level Training

Our program recognizes the difference between national and local training needs. While local training is essential for understanding the nuances of specific markets, national training provides a broader array of strategies and techniques for lead generation. 

By integrating both, we offer a balanced and effective training program that prepares agents for success, regardless of their market.

3. Team vs. Brokerage Training

The dynamics of working within a team versus operating under a brokerage can vary. Our training program addresses this so that agents receive the support and guidance they need. It also tailors the training to their specific working environment. 

Whether it’s providing leads, offering increased commission structures, or fostering a culture of accountability, our program is designed to meet the unique needs of both teams and brokerages.

Implementing a Successful Real Estate Sales Training Program

The success of a real estate sales training program hinges on its ability to adapt to the evolving needs of the market. To this end, we’ve developed a Custom Training Suite that addresses the industry’s challenges head-on. (Check out the video embedded above this section of the blog to learn more about the Custom Training Suite program.)

This suite covers lead generation and conversion. It also incorporates local and national training, making it a comprehensive solution for today’s real estate professionals.

The Icenhower Coaching and Consulting Solution

Our solution to the training gap in the real estate industry is a holistic program that combines the essentials of lead generation and conversion. 

By leveraging this approach, we empower brokerages and teams to provide their agents with the tools and knowledge they need to excel. It’s not just about surviving in the market; it’s about thriving and achieving high levels of success.

Our solution to the training gap in the real estate industry is a holistic program that combines the essentials of lead generation and conversion. 

Brian Icenhower

A Call to Action for Industry Leaders

As leaders in the real estate industry, we have a responsibility to our agents. It’s not enough to offer basic training and support. We must provide comprehensive programs that address the full spectrum of an agent’s needs. 

Our real estate sales training program is a testament to this commitment. It offers a path to high production through focused lead generation and conversion training.

I invite you to join us in this mission to elevate the standard of real estate training. Together, we can transform the industry, one high-producing Realtor at a time.