See our list of the top 20 holiday marketing ideas for real estate agents to implement and add value to their spheres of influence during the winter holiday season.

These holiday marketing ideas for real estate agents will put you first of mind with your sphere of influence (SOI) database. The holiday season provides a unique opportunity for you to market to people in your SOI. These are people who know you — they may not know you well, but they at least know you by name.

The key to reaching out to your SOI this time of year (and all year through, really) is to go above and beyond and add value. Today we are going to talk about 20 ways that you can use the holidays as a great excuse to reach out to your SOI.

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Vary your contact methods and constantly add value

Remember, we are marketing to our SOI to stay first of mind. We want to stay in front of them all year long. We are earning mindshare! This can be done by putting marketing in front of them in different, varied ways. Social media, mailers, emails, texts, phone calls, client events … these are all different channels you can use to stay in front of your SOI throughout the year.

One reason we rotate through various methods of communication to our SOI is that we don’t want to annoy them. It is a careful dance that we do to continually market without offending our recipients. A Facebook post about your real estate business every single day will get you unfollowed, and a phone call every week will get your number blocked. You get the point!

The other factor to focus on? Content. What are you putting out there to your SOI? Is it of value to them? Or are you simply talking about real estate every time you reach out?

What is good content for holiday marketing?

It’s the most wonderful time of the year … for coming up with great holiday marketing ideas for real estate agents. There are so many reasons to reach out, and so many great excuses to do it.

The content you use in marketing must add value or come from contribution. Good holiday marketing ideas for real estate agents are centered around adding value. You can ask yourself: What can I give? What would be something that I would want to receive?

I recommend 40 contacts a year to your SOI members. With 52 weeks in a year, that means you are reaching out almost every week. You can utilize these holiday marketing ideas for real estate agents during the winter months for maximum impact.


Be better than everyone else

You can easily be better at marketing than the other Realtors in your market. Most real estate agents check out this time of year. They take the holidays “off” and stop marketing themselves.

These are missed opportunities that you can capitalize on! And, you can do it by positively building up your relationships with your SOI members.

Top 20 holiday marketing ideas for real estate agents

1. Holiday cards

Especially with a hand-written note! People love receiving holiday cards, and they’ll likely even display it prominently in their home with all of the cards they have received from friends and family. Do this regularly and you will build your relationship and spread holiday cheer at the same time.

2. Social media contests

So many ideas for this one! Each of these contest ideas can be done purely on social media, or you can mix it up and reach out through different channels, too.

  • Coloring contest for kids. Share the contest on social media and provide a downloadable coloring page. Ask parents to share their kid’s artwork submission and tag you. You can also use a creative hashtag for further branding. Provide a prize, like a gift card, to the winner.
  • Recipe contest. “I’m trying to create a book of recipes! Share your favorite Thanksgiving recipe and tag me. Use the hashtag #ThanksgivingWithABCRealty.” Gift card to winner!
  • Holiday lights and decorations contest. Can be done completely on social media, or you can have a judge drive around and hand out ribbons with your logo on them.

3. Holiday open house at your listing

Two birds, one stone. You can even do something like “Photos with Santa” to bring in a bigger crowd. Your seller will think you are the absolute best at marketing and getting people to see their Open House. And, your SOI members will think you’re the absolute best because you gave them free photos with Santa.

4. Photos with Santa

This can happen at a local coffee shop, or any venue, really. No one goes to the mall anymore. This is a fun and easy option, and you’re sure to get a crowd.

5. Holiday party

Client appreciation open house at your home! Eggnog, champagne, appetizers, and good cheer. You can get creative and have a fun, branded party favor for them to take home, too.

6. Gingerbread decorating party

Fun for the whole family! You can buy a bunch of gingerbread house decorating kits and candy, have drinks and snacks, and create a memorable holiday event for your clients.

7. Promote a charity

When it comes to holiday marketing ideas for real estate agents, this one’s big. There are a lot of ways to do this. One way is to tie it in with a holiday client event you are already hosting. Have everyone bring a toy to donate to Toys for Tots, for example. Or, canned goods to donate to a local food bank. Another way to promote a charity is to find an organization that is already doing something and latch on. You are piggy-backing off someone else’s event or charitable drive and marketing it. People will think it’s your event! You can also do it for your geographic farm. Drop off a donation bag with your logo in the neighborhood you farm with instructions.

8. Holiday swag

Calendar magnets, sports team schedules, coffee mugs, Cutco knives, etc. Clients love to get free swag! Holiday tree ornaments are another great idea. Even if it has your logo on it, your SOI members will hang it on their tree! If you do this for your farm, you can put their neighborhood name on it and they will keep it forever.

9. Mistletoe

Everyone loves it and nobody ever seems to have it. A tiny sprig of mistletoe in a red ribbon with a little note from you is thoughtful and original.

10. Holiday wrapping kit

Make a bundle that includes a few rolls of wrapping paper, ribbon, and tape. Everyone needs extra wrapping paper and you can drop off door to door if you do this with your farm.

11. Movie tickets

Going to the movies is a fun holiday tradition that many families enjoy. A gift of a few movie tickets can go a long way and mean a lot to your clients!

12. Jars of hot chocolate

This is a fun DIY project. You can get a bunch of mason jars, fill them up with instant hot chocolate, add some marshmallows, and tie a ribbon around it with a tag that has your logo on it.

13. Poinsettia

Nothing says “It’s the Holidays” like a festive poinsettia! This works great with your farm, too, because you can drop them off door to door.


14. Cookie cutters and cookie dough

‘Tis the season for baking. A few holiday cookie cutters and a batch of ready-to-bake cookie dough with a handwritten note from you is sweet — literally.

15. Holiday newsletter

You might be skeptical about this idea at first but people will read these! Share information about you and your family and your clients will eat it up. It will develop a sense of closeness between you and your clients, and it will help your relationship grow.

16. Unique client events

Rent out a bowling alley for a bowling night, or rent a movie theater and show a holiday movie. A drive-in movie would be fun, too! Christmas caroling is another awesome, unique idea that you can use.

17. Closing statement

Of all the holiday marketing ideas for real estate agents, this one might seem the most ho-hum. But, it may also be the most valuable in that it is super helpful to your past clients. Send all past clients from this year their closing statement because they’ll need to give that to their accountant. This should go out the first week of January.

18. Annual reviews

Call, text, or DM all members of your SOI to schedule a quick Zoom meeting where you can go over a CMA and show them how their home is increasing in value. You should do this every January.

19. New Years Card

This holiday card is powerful because there aren’t many of these being sent. You’re sure to stand out!

20. Neighborhood guide

Create a community guide for the holidays. List all the local holiday events. Detail all local holiday charities. Make it all about your community and you’ll come across as the local expert.

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