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Did you know that prospecting for expired listings is one of the best ways out there to find great leads and bring in new business?

While they may not seem glamorous now, expired listings could actually become your second-biggest source of business, coming in just behind your sphere of influence in earning potential. As you’ll learn in this condensed course, prospecting for expired listings has some of the best conversion ratios in the business–and it’s a low-cost, low-overhead business generation method.

The old adage that it takes money to make money doesn’t apply so much here. Prospecting for expireds is an activity-driven method that costs very little money. All it takes is focus, a strong skillset, time on task, and a good deal of time-management and self-discipline.

You’ve got this!

Some of the things you can expect to learn:

  • The difference between expired, cancelled and withdrawn listings.
  • The reasons listings fail to sell and ultimately expire
  • Why it’s better to be 2nd than 1st when prospecting for expireds
  • Where to find phone numbers and the benefits of using an auto-dialer.
  • The importance of a lead follow-up campaign.
  • The best way to handle objections.
  • The importance of prequalifying your sellers.
  • How to close the appointment.

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The EXPIRED LISTINGS mini-course includes:

  • In-depth professional video training presented by the expert author, Brian Icenhower.
  • Detailed and downloadable written modules to guide you through the lesson.
  • Sample resources, documents, spreadsheets, scripts and graphics, all downloadable and right at your fingertips!
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