Effective Facebook strategies for real estate professionals are very different from traditional marketing techniques.  Posts that directly market real estate agents’ services are often damaging to a productive presence on Facebook. Whereas more personal and interactive communications typically yield better results.  Accordingly, we interviewed a panel of 4 high producing agents to learn their methods and techniques for using Facebook to generate business on a high level. After the Facebook Strategies for Real Estate Agents panel video below, we examine some of the key techniques that agents are using to cultivate business on this social media network.

VIDEO: Facebook Strategies for Real Estate Agents

Be A Listener & React to Posts

Understand that your Facebook “friends” typically already know you and what you do for a living.  So repeatedly spamming them with open house ads, new listings and client testimonials is just as off-putting as it would be at a social gathering.  Too much of “Look at me I’m a Realtor” on Facebook will cause acquaintances to develop a negative impression that may lead them to block your posts from their news feed or un-friend you altogether.

Alternatively, real estate agents that use Facebook effectively know that “listening and reacting” to your friends’ posts is far more productive.  Engaging conversation in the threads of other posts often leads to building relationships offline. Regularly scan your news feed for posts about important developments in the lives of your Facebook friends and react to them by liking or commenting on them.  Events like birthdays, the birth of a child, weddings, or a promotion at work also provide opportunities to reach out by phone to congratulate them and possibly catch up on lost time.

Participate in Facebook Groups

If regularly communicating with Facebook friends is likened to staying in contact with the people you know in your database, then participating in Facebook “groups” should be considered your means of prospecting for new relationships with peopleFacebook Groups that you don’t yet know.  As with all real estate lead generation plans, a healthy dose of both activities is recommended to grow a real estate agent’s online presence.  Identify and join groups in your local area for you to interact with by posting, sharing and reacting.  Spamming the group with self promotion will typically result in your removal from the group, so it is important that your posts and comments add value to other members.

Limit Posts About Business

Subtlety is the key to consistently productive Facebook strategies for real estate agents.  Indirectly reminding your friends that you are a Realtor without shoving it down their throats is a delicate art form.  Look for opportunities to post about unique occurrences while on the job.  Post about events like getting chased out of a house by a dog, finding a uniquely humorous feature in a home, breaking your heel at an open house, your client’s reaction to buying their first home, or any other occurrence that you might be inclined to go back to the office and share with your co-workers.  Using photos in your posts significantly increase engagement while helping to convey the moment.

                                          Be Positive & Diplomatic

If it is your intFacebook Likeent to generate business from Facebook then act accordingly. Understand that posts about your adamant religious or political beliefs can putt off a large number of your Facebook friends.  Similarly, negative rants about how bad your day, boyfriend, job, situation or life is turns people off. Always stay positive in the public arena if your goal is to attract people to you and your services.  Being overly critical of anything or anyone is a risky proposition when marketing to the masses.  Stay humble, don’t take yourself too seriously, and project a positive outlook on life’s circumstances.

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