Use this free real estate training calendar template to create a productivity-focused environment at your real estate company.

Do you use a real estate training calendar for your team or brokerage? If not, this topic will be especially helpful for you. And if you do use a calendar and just need a little bit of guidance to make it into a useful tool to become the best real estate office in town, listen up. In this video, I’ll walk you through how to set it up for success. Plus, we will provide you with a downloadable template that you can use as inspiration as you work on your own calendar!

VIDEO: Free Real Estate Training Calendar Template

It’s about adding value

A good real estate training calendar is about more than just keeping your office organized. It’s about visually demonstrating the added value that you provide to your team or brokerage.

Think about it. When an agent is looking for a brokerage to join, what are they looking for? They want to find an office that is set up to help them sell more real estate and become more successful. Higher producing agents will choose a brokerage that provides them with this added value. Therefore, by setting up your team or brokerage with a robust training calendar to demonstrate all the value you are adding for their benefit, you will attract these higher producing agents.

Because of all of this added value, the retention rate is higher. Agents are constantly being reminded to engage and grow through everything available to them on their real estate training calendar.

What should be on a training calendar?

  • Training courses (online or in person)
  • Mastermind round table sessions
  • Sales meetings
  • Group call blitzes
  • Scripts and roleplay sessions
  • Book clubs
  • (See our free real estate training calendar download, below, for even more examples.)

All of the calendar items above create engagement, add energy, and provide a production-centric environment. A good real estate brokerage or team will always be production centric. That means that the goal — the entire reason for your existence — is to grow your agents and help them earn more income.

real estate training calendar

Customer service training vs. production-centric training

Most real estate training out there is customer service focused, not production focused. While customer service training is important (it includes all the tasks that go into a transaction), it isn’t everything. Customer service training alone will not set you apart from the competition. You may get a bunch of new agents that need that kind of training and support, but once they’ve learned it, they will feel like they don’t need you anymore.

If you are production centric, you can tell agents that if they join your office, you will help them grow and earn more income throughout their career. Of course, anyone can say that. But, you can prove it — thanks to your real estate training calendar.

Be the #1 office in town

Yes, putting together a good real estate training calendar does take time. It isn’t a simple task! But, you will find that it is worth it. If you want to build your company culture, attract high producing agents, and retain them within your team or brokerage, you must have a robust training calendar. Get this dialed each month, and you’ll be the #1 office in town.

Download this sample real estate training calendar

Click on the calendar below or CLICK HERE to access the free download.

real estate training calendar
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Stay up to date on what’s happening in our industry and join our Facebook group, the Real Estate Agent Round Table for free, relevant content daily, including breaking news on the real estate market.

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