One of the major struggles lead agents and team leaders deal with on a regular basis is agent attitude. There is a difference between an agent who takes ownership of their role and someone who has an employee mindset. We’ll share tips on how to improve real estate agent attitude and mindset and create more motivated employees.

While every lead agent would be thrilled to have a team with agents who truly embody the idea of ownership and creating opportunities for themselves, a team with more than 5 agents will more likely have someone who embodies the employee mindset.

Some of the markers of an agent with an employee mindset include:

  • A sense of entitlement;
  • Agents and Admins expect for things to be given to them;
  • Have to continuously be reminded of the importance of being on-time, proper attire, proper grooming, etc.

When our coaching clients approach us with issues regarding employee-mindset Agents and Admins, we suggest a Rights and Responsibilities Talk

What is the Rights and Responsibilities Talk?

A Rights and Responsibilities talk should be done upfront during the onboarding process, and make sure that everything that your organization’s values and expectations are provided before they are added to the team.

This way, if they begin to wane from the expectations, you can revisit the Rights and Responsibilities discussion, and reinforce the importance that everyone does their part.

Watch this video for more and then read on!

A Rights and Responsibilities Example

Here is a simple way to explain the Rights and Responsibilities during the onboarding process:

The more responsibilities in your role and your position, the fewer rights you will have. Conversely, the more rights you have or feel entitled to, the lower your responsibilities will be. This is all about mindset and work attitude.

Example: Let’s look at the loading dock attendant  or overnight stocker of a major retail store. They typically look different, dress differently, don’t have to worry about shaving regularly, can have visible tattoos, and are also among the lowest paid employees in the organization.

On the other side of the spectrum we have the Store Manager and District Manager. They are one of the highest paid people within the organization, but they have strict rules and expectations. The Store Manager can’t fraternize; they have to adhere to a variety of store policies and laws to avoid potential lawsuits; they need to lead by example in every aspect of their professional lives. 

Using Rights & Responsibilities to Motivate Real Estate Agents

Moving up and advancing is the goal of most real estate agents, but in order to do so, it requires some sacrifice and taking on more responsibility. 

Building a strong team starts with finding team members who are willing to take ownership, not make excuses, and do what they say they are going to do. Real estate agent attitude is often linked to understanding what is expected of them.

As you add agents and other team members, it is vital to keep them accountable, and remind them that when you have more responsibilities, you have fewer rights. Talking to employees about their attitude can be challenging. It always comes back to discussions about their rights and responsibilities, which dials in the right mindset and improves work attitude.

Resources to Improve Real Estate Agent Attitude & Mindset

Hiring and recruiting agents, admins, and other team members for a winning real estate organization can be difficult, but we are here to help. For more information about finding the right agents, and matching the right personalities, check out our Recruit and DISC Online Courses.

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