Whether you are a solo agent, or if your team is steadily growing, Real Estate Farming is considered the Lead Generation Pillar for most successful agents and teams.

Most real estate agents, especially new agents, tend to feel uncomfortable with the idea of farming. However, with time and practice, you will realize just how effective it is, and how your real estate business will grow as a result of your efforts.

What is Real Estate Farming?

It is a systemic approach to creating a real estate lead generation funnel. Our video breaks down real estate farming basics. The process starts with geographic farming or picking an area of focus. Robyn explains how to pick a farm area in real estate. Once you know where you want to target, she supplies some real estate prospecting ideas to support farming efforts. 

How to Get Started with Real Estate Farming

The key to getting your Real Estate Farming campaign going is to pick areas that you know well, but the important thing to remember is to pick one and stick with it.

Here are some of the popular reasons an agent will pick a particular neighborhood:

  • They grew up in the area, or currently live in the area.
  • They know a ton of people in the area, either personally or professionally.
  • There’s something they love about the area.

Regardless of the reasoning, pick a neighborhood (or two) and get the process rolling!

Once you have your farm selected, the next step is creating a plan of action, and executing that plan.

Start with something simple: create some door hangers, and hang them on the front door. If you see someone standing outside their home, introduce yourself and start up a conversation.

Typically, farming yields a 50:1 ratio, meaning that for every 50 homes in a neighborhood, one touch a month should yield one transaction. Over time, these transactions can add up, and it provides you the opportunity to establish yourself as a trusted resource and expert in the area.

Additional Effects of Farming

Not only does Real Estate Farming help generate leads, but it also helps you grow your SOI. Every time you make a connection with a resident in your Farm, you can add them to your Sphere of Influence lists, and keep them engaged in your funnels.

Additionally, as you get busier, you can hire someone to help you with your farming efforts, which will free up more time to focus on showing properties, listing presentations, etc.

The more effort you put into your Farm, the more the residents will notice. Clients want to work with someone they know will work hard to sell their home, and when they see how productive you are, they are more likely to trust you versus other agents in the area.

Our online course library provides a plethora of opportunities to learn about tactics, methods, and strategies that can dramatically improve your real estate business.

To learn more about the specific tactics of Real Estate Farming and Sphere of Influence, check out our FARM Online Course and our SOI Online Course.

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