Achieving Life Balance for Realtors is not impossible, and takes some very simple steps and commitment on your part. Follow these tips to get there.

Today I’m talking about life balance for Realtors. Here at Icenhower Coaching and Consulting, we have coaches scattered across North America. We represent many of the top real estate agents and teams in the country.

As a coaching company, it is our job to help our clients increase their business and to become more successful as real estate agents, teams, and broker/owners. When you think about what your “goal” is, income may be a big part of it, but it isn’t everything. 

There is usually a two-fold goal: more money and more time. More time for hobbies, more time with our families, more time to relax, etc. To make sure you are able to keep your desire for success and more income in check with your desire for more time, you can use the Life Balance Wheel I talk about in the video below.

VIDEO: Life Balance for Realtors

The problem with too much hustle

We are only on the planet for so long. It’s important to enjoy life! Of course, it is important to be a hard worker. But, in order to live a fulfilled and happy life, we coach our clients to use the Life Balance Wheel (download for FREE below) to make sure the different aspects of their lives are in balance.

Too much hustle is not attractive. No one wants to see that you have no life. If you are constantly posting on social media about how you’re up late burning the midnight oil or that you worked an 80-hour workweek — yikes. 

I know I would likely feel sorry for you, but I wouldn’t feel impressed. I would hope that your team leader or mentor would help you find a better balance.

Burnout is real

The other part of why life balance is important for Realtors is that burnout is real. If you are so focused on growing your business and increasing your income that you forget to enjoy life, there is a high chance that you will get to the point where you quit. 

You may get so stressed out or feel so disconnected from the things you love in life that you see real estate as a big negative cloud. Real estate is not the problem, here. It’s that your life balance is not in check!

I have seen this time and time again. Too much work and no healthy life balance will take a toll on you. You want to create longevity in your business and create a successful and happy life for yourself! This is why life balance for Realtors is such a vitally important topic that we cover with all of our coaching clients.

How to use the Life Balance Wheel to achieve better life balance for Realtors

When you’re looking at the various spokes of the life balance wheel, each describes different aspects of your life. Making sure that you address each spoke will help keep you in balance as a human being. 

Download the Life Balance Wheel below, print it off, and give yourself a “score” for each spoke. 1-10, how are you doing with each aspect of your life? Which areas need more attention? Doing this activity regularly will help you achieve a better life balance as a Realtor.

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