Download this free Virtual Listing Presentation Template for real estate agents and learn how to conduct a virtual listing presentation to win more listings.

Today, it is important to be equipped with a top-notch virtual listing presentation. As regulations around the country change constantly with what must be done virtually, Realtors need to be ready for anything. As more and more of our industry trends toward offering a lot of our services virtually, don’t get left behind! This Virtual Listing Presentation Template is a great jumping-off point as you build the virtual side of your business.

Download the FREE Virtual Listing Presentation Template below

First things first, you need a great, eye-catching presentation to use during your virtual listing consultation. We have a great template for you — it has a modern, “luxury” feel, with a clean and simple design. It is FULLY customizable. You can edit the text, colors, fonts, and photos, add and delete content — the possibilities are endless! The idea is to give you a jumping-off point. Make it your own and make it reflect your brand.

What should be in a virtual listing presentation?

Within the Virtual Listing Presentation Template that we’ve given you for free, you’ll find a structure that covers everything you should talk about in your virtual listing presentation. Here’s a rough outline of the content:

  • Intro and goal setting
  • Mission statement – What promise are you making to your clients?
  • Current market statistics – How’s the market?
  • Virtual strategy for selling – How can you sell their home virtually?
  • Marketing strategy – Virtual open house, websites, email newsletters, etc. Detail which websites their home will be posted to.
  • Virtual open house – What is a virtual open house and how does it work? Explain the steps and detail the benefits.
  • Helpful statistics – Provide insight into your success rate and also how well these virtual methods have been working.
  • Recent sales – Share a few of your recent sold listings to show your success. Bonus points if you sold them “virtually” and provide examples of how well that worked for your other clients.
  • Pricing – Go over how you price your listings and why.
  • Overview of the home selling process – From consult to close and beyond, outline what your clients can expect.
  • Brief bio – Give a little more background on who you are and how long you’ve been in real estate, how successful you are, etc.
  • Testimonials – Provide a few testimonials from past clients.

Objection handling during a virtual listing presentation

Just like any “normal” listing presentation, you should come equipped with objection handlers. Price objections, commission objections, and selling a home before buying a replacement home are three common objections you may need to address.

Beyond that, you may run into clients who are skeptical of your ability to handle the sale of their home of this virtually. Remember to assure them of your experience, and show them exactly how you plan on making the whole experience as smooth as possible during this unprecedented time. And, remind them that the real estate market is hot right now! It is a seller’s market, so they are already ahead. Be sure to mention all of this while you talk about the current market statistics. These facts empower your seller to make good choices, and educates them on the benefits of selling now vs. later — even if it all must be done virtually.

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Stay up to date on what’s happening in our industry and join our Facebook group, the Real Estate Agent Round Table for free, relevant content daily, including breaking news on the real estate market.

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