Learn how Realtors can win over FSBO listings using this helpful and free FSBO Seller Guide.

Today we are going to talk a little bit about how to win over FSBO (for sale by owner) listings. We’re also going to give you access to the FREE FSBO Seller Guide. For whatever reason, FSBO sellers have decided that they want to sell their house on their own — no Realtor needed. By using this FSBO Seller Guide Template, you can begin to come from contribution, add value, and build rapport with the seller. Eventually, the goal is to win over the FSBO listing.

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Use our free FSBO Seller Guide to help win over FSBO listings

The FSBO Seller Guide is a very detailed packet that you can provide to a FSBO seller. If you’re looking to win over more FSBO listings, this will be a great tool for you. By using this packet, you are providing helpful information to a FSBO seller, while also reminding them that you’re there for them if things don’t go as planned. You can also customize this packet to reflect your branding.

By having this packet at your disposal, you can have it ready to give to a FSBO seller, or drop off on the doorstep of a FSBO listing. It’s a very innovative way to demonstrate your expertise, extend a helping hand, while also low-key saying, “I can help you sell your house faster and for more money.”

You are adding value to these FSBO sellers. Remember that FSBO sellers have decided to sell their own house because they don’t see the value in a Realtor. For whatever reason, they think they can sell their home themselves. You will see more and more FSBO sellers in markets where there is low inventory. If there’s low inventory and there’s a strong seller’s market, you tend to see more FSBOs.

Up your FSBO game

It’s important to sharpen your FSBO game. As Realtors, we know that you’re going to get a much higher price on average by selling with a Realtor. An important statistic to know is that 98% of home buyers are represented by a real estate agent. The facts are in your favor.

There are two types of FSBO listings that you are trying to win over. First, there’s the FSBO seller that put their house up on Craigslist and a sign up in the yard. They do not list on the MLS. There is very little exposure for them.

Then, you’ve got the other type of FSBO seller. They list with a FSBO company and play a smaller, flat fee in order to get their listing up on the MLS in addition to their own marketing. While this does get the FSBO listing more exposure, Realtors are still wary of doing business with a FSBO seller. The reasoning behind this is that FSBO transactions have a lower percentage of success, mainly due to the lack of experience/expertise of the FSBO seller.

Transactions involving a FSBO listing are more messy, plain, and simple. This gives Realtors an advantage in trying to win over FSBO listings. As a Realtor, you have the experience. You have the expertise. By providing this helpful FSBO Seller Guide to a FSBO seller, you are saying, “Hey, I’ll still help you out. And if you change your mind about doing this on your own, I’ll help you sell your home.”

win over FSBO listings

Earn the FSBO seller’s trust

By giving them this FSBO Seller Guide packet, you are earning the FSBO seller’s trust. You are showing them that you are looking out for their best interest, whether or not they choose to list with you. This feels good and is very low pressure for the seller. You aren’t shaming them.

What’s in the free FSBO Seller Guide?

The FSBO Seller Guide teaches the seller about their options. It explains the difference between the two types of FSBOs, using the MLS and not using the MLS. Also, it explains the disclosures they need, the fair housing regulations they need to be aware of, how to price their home, how to negotiate contracts, earnest money deposits, inspections, contingencies, and more. It actually advises them on how to sell the home themselves. All the while, it’s highlighting the need to hire a Realtor to represent them and make this whole crazy process much more smooth for them.

Keep in mind, most FSBO sellers do end up caving and selling with a Realtor. So, you are looking to build rapport, help them, come from contribution along the way, until they self discover that they ultimately need to list their home with you. This is how you win over FSBO listings.

Download the free FSBO Seller Guide Template to win over more FSBO listings today:

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Stay up to date on what’s happening in our industry and join our Facebook group, the Real Estate Agent Round Table for free, relevant content daily, including breaking news on the real estate market.

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