Use this Real Estate Listing Manager Introduction Call Script and Checklist to streamline and systemize your listing process.

If you are a real estate listing manager on a team, or even if you are a solo agent, this is huge. Having a solid introduction call script and checklist to use throughout the transaction can make an enormous difference. It can mean the difference between a mediocre experience for the client and the kind of experience that will delight the client. A happy client means referrals, so this is more than just about customer service!

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Real Estate Listing Managers: Who are they?

This is something we tell our clients here at Icenhower Coaching and Consulting all the time. When your real estate business is growing and thriving, the only possible way to continue that growth is to hire an assistant. Then, you can pass off administrative duties and checklists to this admin, and go out and do what you do best — sell houses!

Sometimes it is hard to “let go” of your tasks and duties, and feel “out of control”. This is why you hire a solid administrative assistant or real estate listing manager. You, as the leader or rainmaker, must learn to let go. This is not only good for you, it’s also great for your client! When you are conducting your listing appointment and getting your listing agreement signed, you can tell your client that you have this amazing team behind you that is going to support the entire process. Your real estate listing manager has your back. What a huge value add for your client! They aren’t just getting you as the team leader — they’re getting your entire team, including your trusty listing manager.

Scripts and tools for the real estate listing manager

The Listing Manager Introduction Checklist is a resource that we have developed here at ICC. All of our coaching clients have access to this. This is the checklist that your listing manager or real estate assistant would use on their first call to a new client. This checklist is comprehensive and walks your admin through each item to talk to the new client about. Everything from what their communication preference is (email, phone, or text?) to sending a copy of the listing agreement and setting expectations — it’s all on this list.

At ICC, we also have a top-notch Listing and Closing Checklist. It’s revolutionized the way that administrative assistants and real estate listing managers do their jobs. If you’re a client of ours, you already have access to this Listing and Closing Checklist for free. If you’re not a client but would like to get your hands on it, you can buy it below. This checklist spreadsheet download includes a Pre-Listing Checklist, a Listing to Contract Checklist, a Seller Closing Checklist, and a Buyer Closing Checklist.

Why checklists?

The great thing about these checklists is that they serve a two-fold benefit. First, your real estate listing manager or administrative assistant has a very detailed and explicit list of the tasks that must be done throughout each transaction. It is SPELLED OUT. The second benefit is that it can really serve as a script — especially the Introduction Checklist. Oftentimes, administrative assistants and listing managers are not the types of people that love to be on the phone. This can make phone calls to clients very stressful and uncomfortable for them. Having a checklist that walks them through talking points is a great help to your team member.

As a leader or rainmaker on your team, these lists might make your head spin. They are very, very detailed. Understand that this is exactly what your administrative assistant or real estate listing manager needs. It provides them with the details that their behavioral profile appreciates. (For more on understanding behavioral profiles and how the DISC system can help you hire the right admin, click here.)

Need a coach?

If all of this is overwhelming you a bit, you’re not alone. You might be a solo agent looking to hire your first administrative assistant or real estate listing manager. Or, you might be the leader of a team and you are having trouble developing checklists and getting systems in place for your team members. Maybe you have checklists and systems in place, but your team members are not performing. Whatever the case may be, we would love to chat with you to see if we could help you. Give us a call!

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Stay up to date on what’s happening in our industry and join our Facebook group, the Real Estate Agent Round Table for free, relevant content daily, including breaking news on the real estate market.

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