Realtor Scripts for Sellers to Set Listing Appointments – Use these scripts and techniques to set listing consultation appointments with home sellers that would prefer to wait until later to meet.

What are some Realtor scripts for sellers to motivate them to set the listing appointment? In today’s mastermind, we talk about the best scripts to use while dealing with sellers who would rather wait to meet. Spoiler alert: it’s all about adding value!

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How do you convert a seller lead that says they want to wait?

Right now, a lot of business is coming over the phone and online, not in person. Many of us are used to doing open houses and talking to leads face-to-face. Being face-to-face (even over Zoom) often makes it easier to convert to a listing appointment. When dealing with leads online or over the phone, they often like to keep you at an arms length and don’t like to commit. It’s easier to avoid committing to a listing appointment in person when you aren’t face-to-face!

Here’s a scenario. You’re on the phone with a lead who has submitted a home evaluation request. They ask you, “So, what’s my home worth?” You don’t want to tell them over the phone — you want to set the in-person appointment. But, it’s easy for the lead to say, “Well, can you just email me the info?” You need an objection handler and Realtor script for sellers that want to just communicate virtually and not meet in person. It’s similar to the urgency objection handling, and it’s all about adding value.

Realtor scripts for sellers

When you’re talking to prospective sellers, you must add value now. And, you must assure the lead that there is no obligation. For example, if you’re going to give them a CMA (comparative market analysis) that will tell them the value of their home, even if they don’t want to sell it until August, that gets you in the door. That’s a reason that you can meet in person (or face-to-face over Zoom) to show it to them now.

Or, if they tell you that they are going to sell their home in August so they are doing work on their house, you can still add value now. “Oh, that’s great! Would it be helpful to you if I sent over some workers to get that done for them? How about I come and take a quick look at your home, it will only take 5-10 minutes. I’ll swing by, you can show me what you’re dealing with, and we can talk about how to get your house sold.” See how you’re adding value right now?

Realtor scripts for sellers

Objection handling: Show, not tell

As for the lead that asks for you to email them all of the information, there are a number of Realtor scripts for sellers that you can use. But this one is simple. “I actually must meet with you in person in order to show the different options you have. It isn’t something I can simply tell you over the phone or email you. It wouldn’t give you the full picture. All I need is five minutes of your time! We can even meet in your driveway to go over everything, if that makes you more comfortable.”

Sure, it will take you more than five minutes, but that’s not because of you — it’s because of them. They are going to ask you questions. They are going to ask you to look around. And suddenly, you’re in a full-blown listing appointment. The minute you get out there to add value, even if you think you’re just there to explain the CMA to them or talk about the work they need done on their house, the seller thinks you are there for a listing appointment. Even if they have told you they are not ready to list, suddenly when you meet with them in person, they feel more ready. This happens all the time! And if you can get the appointment, you get the listing. Boom.

Add value with every phone call

If you find yourself calling your seller leads over and over and over again asking if they are ready to meet with you, you are going to get frustrated. And, your leads will get frustrated (and annoyed) too. This is why each time you call your seller lead, you must add value. You must present some value that you can provide them with right now. Here are three easy examples of value that you can add with every phone call:

  • Recent comp that is listed or sold. Explain how that sale is going to change the net proceeds they are going to get from the sale of their house.
  • Offer to help getting house ready for sale.
  • CMA (comparative market analysis)
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Stay up to date on what’s happening in our industry and join our Facebook group, the Real Estate Agent Round Table for free, relevant content daily, including breaking news on the real estate market.

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