Real estate is a people-centric industry. Today’s top agents understand the connecting power of social media to build trust, rapport, and familiarity.

Furthermore, the best agents also understand that social media is not unidirectional marketing. Unlike print media and traditional advertising, social media is a two-way conversation. This video outlines some great social media posting techniques for realtors.

We don’t talk back to billboards, and we can’t ask a clarifying question to a newspaper ad. But on Facebook and Instagram, you and potential clients can express thoughts, ask questions, exchange ideas and share information. Above all, social media allows you to develop authentic, two-way relationships like no other advertising can.

Conversation and positive engagement is maybe the most important aspect of great social media marketing.

Leverage these powerful networking platforms with the following tips and tricks:

1. Be a Positive Presence

Studies show that social media can make us unhappy. Consequently, it’s crucial to provide a positive, engaging experience for your friends and followers. 

Social media is about affirmation and adding value to peoples’ lives.

Shout outs and thank-you posts project positivity and gratitude. Be funny, but supportive. Be self-assured, but humble.

Share success stories from your office that highlight the hard work of others. Post images and stories that project a high level of energy and activity. Showcase your company’s culture, atmosphere and values in a positive, productive light. 

2. On Social Media: Talk Less, Listen More

It’s important to put yourself out there and stay in front of people. But, believe it or not, your social media posts are far less important than interacting with what your friends and followers are posting.

People love to be affirmed. No matter who you are, it feels good when someone likes, shares or comments on your posts. It’s natural to have positive feelings for people who engage warmly with you. Trust us: engaging positively with other people’s posts will achieve more than your own posts ever will.

Spend less time talking and crafting your own perfect posts. Rather, show people that you’re listening by liking and commenting on what they have to say.

People pay attention to people who interact with them. The more your name appears in your target audience’s newsfeeds and notifications, the better. With every like and comment, you’re building relationship and staying top of mind with potential future clients.

3. Beware the Facebook Time Suck

Taking the time to engage people in your online networks will ensure your friends and followers have positive feelings towards you.

However: when connecting with people online, beware the Facebook time suck. Create a posting schedule. Be efficient. Spend a focused period of time spreading optimism and joy, without wasting too much time. 

Work smarter, not harder. Keep comments brief, but upbeat:

  • Amazing!
  • Great job!
  • Congratulations!
  • Awesome picture!

Don’t discount the power of a smiley face or cheery exclamation point! You don’t have to spend a lot of time or words to make a big impact.

4. Understand Social Media Algorithms & Posting Ratios 

Watch as Icenhower Coaching & Consulting’s founder Brian Icenhower further describes posting techniques for real estate agents. Learn how to master those pesky social media algorithms. And discover the recommended ratio of personal posts to business posts:

5. Don’t Just Converse. Convert! 

Conversing and connecting online is one thing, but don’t forget the purpose behind your social media posts. Your utmost objective is to generate business and transform digital interactions into sales.

When posting on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, remember the real goal. The purpose of social media is to drive people to your website and convert online followers into actual clients.

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