Learn how to create the best real estate email templates for your sphere of influence to both engage and add value to them over time.

Today we are going to give you some next level real estate email templates to use in contacting your sphere of influence (SOI) . The name of the game is Listing E-Alerts.

By properly using Listing E-Alerts, along with these real estate email templates, you will have an easy channel of communication with your SOI. You’ll be coming from contribution, providing value, and staying in front of them — without a whole lot of effort (or money).

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Use Listing E-Alerts as part of your SOI Database Annual Contact Plan

Today we are going to talk about a tool that is one of the best ways of growing your SOI database by bringing people you don’t know into your SOI, and also one of the best tools for organically contacting your SOI.

Listing E-Alerts can also be referred to as “Search Updates” or “Auto-Prospecting”. But by any name, Listing E-Alerts are a powerful tool. They provide a great way to grow your SOI and stay in contact with your existing SOI members, as well.

Real estate is a game of touches

You want to find ways to “touch” your SOI members without annoying them. You can do this by adding value — coming from contribution — and giving them something they want. That’s the only way you will be able to contact your SOI members 100 times a year. They better like it, or you’re going to get blocked!

Likely, you are already using Listing E-Alerts. It’s one of the oldest digital tools that Realtors have had at their fingertips. And they are provided free through your Multiple Listing Service (MLS). Today I’m going to teach you how to use your Listing E-Alert tools for maximum impact. (And, I’ll give you the real estate email templates, too.)

Traditional use of the Listing E-Alert tool

As a Realtor, you can log on to your MLS and set up a Listing E-Alert for anyone. You type in their home search criteria and then enter their contact info. Any new listings that come onto the market will be instantly emailed to your buyer. This traditional use of the Listing E-Alert tool is a great value add to your clients.

MLS Listing E-Alerts vs using your website for Listing E-Alerts

There are disadvantages to this traditional use of Listing E-Alerts. When you contrast using the MLS for your Listing E-Alerts with using your own agent website for Listing E-Alerts, you can see some pros and cons.

  • If you use the MLS for your Listing E-Alerts in this traditional way, you have to manually input every single person in your database. This is time consuming. You probably have your own CRM, so you have your database contacts in multiple places. That’s not fun.
  • Drive leads to your own agent website. Oftentimes, your CRM is tied to your agent website. If you can use your CRM and your website instead of the MLS, when a buyer clicks on a Listing E-Alert, it directs them to your website. Google notices this and your website becomes more likely to show up higher in search results in the future.
  • If you use your agent website for your Listing E-Alerts, you can use artificial intelligence (AI). You can use AI to notify you when someone is clicking on the listings you send. And, you can even get alerts for when someone is active on your website. When someone is active on your website, this is the ideal time to text or call them!
  • You can craft your emails to reflect your real estate branding. This way, every time a new listing shows up in someone’s inbox, it will look like it’s from you personally. People may even think all the listings that are sent to them are your own listings!

Access all of our real estate email templates for Listing E-Alerts

Today we are going to give you a few of our best real estate email templates for Listing E-Alerts. If you want access to all of them, as well as a plethora of other resources to help you grow and cultivate your SOI, take our online course.

real estate email templates
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Listing E-Alerts are not an expensive tool

Whether you use the MLS or your agent website through your CRM, it can be completely free. If you choose to implement AI, you may need to upgrade a pay a small fee through your CRM.

Almost every CRM has a Listing E-Alert tool now. When you decide on a CRM, make sure it has the customizable Listing E-Alert capability. A good CRM must have an IDX feed to your local MLS.

Using Listing E-Alerts in combination with our real estate email templates is going to make a huge impact in the value you get from Listing E-Alerts.

4 uses for Listing E-Alerts

We can use the search update tool for four general areas. There are helpful scripts for each of these uses — these are the real estate templates we’ve promised … keep reading!

  1. Stay in contact with your SOI by keeping contacts up to date and adding value. You can keep your SOI up to date on their own neighborhood and their own home.
  2. Keep residents of a geographic farm updated. Keep members of a neighborhood up to date on their values from the privacy of their home by setting them up on neighborhood home search tools for the entire neighborhood’s sales activity.
  3. Seller leads. Set them up on a home search for their home and neighborhood, so that they can stay up to date on how the value of their home is changing, what the sales activity is like, how quickly homes are selling in their neighborhood. When it comes time for them to move and they want to sell their home, they’ll be educated as to what the homes are worth, how quickly they sell, and what their competition will look like based upon the other homes that are actively for sale nearby. It may help them dictate when they’re going to move.
  4. Buyer leads. This is the most traditional use of a home search tool. You set them up on an automated home search based upon the criteria they have for a new home. With buyers, we’re looking for the home that they want to purchase and base our search on their criteria for maybe an entire city, or those specific neighborhoods in the city they want to move into.

SOI real estate email templates for Listing E-Alerts

Here’s one of our best scripts/real estate email templates for Listing E-Alerts. You can send this to your SOI, or your geographic farm.

Hi, it’s [AGENT NAME] with [REAL ESTATE COMPANY], I wanted to give you a heads up that I’ve set you up on our new Neighborhood Update Tool and would love to hear your feedback on it. My clients really love it. When one of your neighbors puts their home up for sale, you’ll immediately get an email with all the listing information and photos of the home. This way, you’ll be able to:

  • Look through all the photos of your neighbor’s homes;
  • Compare the amenities, features and size of the listings to your own home;
  • Know the price of each new listing to get a rough idea of the current value of your own home;
  • See how quickly each home sells, and the prices that they ultimately sell for;
  • This will give you a good idea of how the value of your home is increasing from month-to-month;
  • It will also keep you up to date on your local neighborhood’s market conditions.

I really think you’ll find this customer service tool useful since most of my clients already do. But if for some reason you decide that you’d rather not receive these updates, you can unsubscribe yourself or just simply reply to an email and we’ll discontinue it for you. However, I’d love to hear what you think about it first.

All that I need from you is to verify that I have the correct home address and email address for you. Sound good?

FREE DOWNLOAD: Real Estate Email Templates: Seller Lead Listing E-Alert Email Drip

If you like the SOI/geographic farm script above, you’ll love our other real estate email templates. Today, we’re giving you a FREE DOWNLOAD of our Seller Lead Listing E-Alert Email Drip. You can use this helpful script as you talk to seller leads, and you can also use it for emails, mailers, texts, and social media direct messages.

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Stay up to date on what’s happening in our industry and join our Facebook group, the Real Estate Agent Round Table for free, relevant content daily, including breaking news on the real estate market.

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