Learn how to create and use a guaranteed offer program for real estate agents to implement as a call to action that generates more listing leads.

The Guaranteed Offer Program for real estate agents provides potential sellers with the option to sell their house, as-is, to an investor. They get an instant offer on their property. Then, they can choose to accept this instant offer. Or, they can decline the offer and list the property, with you, on the open market.

Offering a Guaranteed Offer Program provides the most compelling call to action for sellers. And, it will ultimately generate you more listings leads. Learn more about the Guaranteed Offer Program and how to start using one in your business. Also — download our Guaranteed Offer Program Scripts for FREE!

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What value does this Guaranteed Offer Program for real estate agents provide?

  1. Investor partnerships. Opportunity for investors to buy more property with no “catch”
  2. Value proposition. Opportunity for you, as the Realtor, to have a value proposition that stands out. The Guaranteed Offer Program just gets you in the door.
  3. Desensitization. Opportunity to help desensitize your community to the service iBuyers provide
  4. Lead generation. Opportunity for you, as the Reatlor, to ultimately convert them to listing on the open market (The Guaranteed Offer Program starts the conversation)

1. Investor partnerships

What holds most real estate agents back from participating in this program? They don’t “have investors.” A lot of people say they are investors and they aren’t investors. They are spectators — avid students of the market but they don’t actually buy anything. You are looking for the actual investors in the market. 

You can ask around with other members of your local real estate industry (ie.- buyers agents, lenders, and other affiliates) to identify local home flippers and other investors that typically work with multiple agents. Then reach out and give the pitch. 

Memorandum of Understanding

For all of your investors, you’ll want to create a memorandum that they can sign. This “memorandum of understanding” states that if we give you a property to write an offer on, you commit to writing an offer on that property 100% of the time. And, you agree to write an offer with our agents within a certain period of time. For example, 48 hours.

Sign up for our Guaranteed Offer Program for real estate agents online course and you’ll gain access to helpful templates to get your program started. One of the templates we include in our course is a “Memorandum of Understanding” template. That alone is worth the price of admission.

guaranteed offer program for real estate
Learn how to implement the Guaranteed Offer Program as a call to action for sellers and stand out with a value proposition that will grow your real estate business and provide tremendous value to your clients. ENROLL TODAY

Backup Options

Some Reatlors avoid this program because they think, “Well, I don’t have investors!” Or, they only have a few investors to work with. This is not a good enough excuse to not offer this program. Here are two examples of great options you can use. 

  • Zavvie – You can have a widget on your website that will allow you to make instant offers to your clients
  • Offerpad – You can use Offerpad to get an instant offer for your client, and you event still get 3% commission on that sale
  • You might even decide to purchase the property as an investment yourself. There are many different short-term hard money loan options and long-term financing options to help agents become investors to either flip homes for a quick profit or hold them as rental properties to build wealth and plan for eventual retirement.

2. Value proposition

This is a stand-out value proposition that you can offer to your sellers.

Having the Guaranteed Offer Program for real estate agents presents a high-level call to action. “Call me and I’ll tell you the value of your property” or “Call me for a list of homes for sale” doesn’t cut it anymore. Realtors need to find new, interesting call to actions, and the Guaranteed Offer Program provides that. “Call me and I’ll give you an instant offer on your home” – now that’s exciting.

3. Desensitization

With the advent of iBuying companies like OpenDoor, Offerpad, Redfin, Purple Brick, Zillow, etc., many Realtors have raised concerns about their career. The truth is, there is nothing these companies are doing that you can’t do yourself

By creating a program like this yourself, you can help to desensitize your local market. That way, when one of these big brands comes to town, it won’t be anything special. You can say, “I had this program going strong before they showed up.” 

4. Lead generation

Ultimately, the Guaranteed Offer Program is an excellent way to lead generate. It is a conversation starter for potential sellers that you haven’t met before. 

Most of the time, this is how the scenario plays out. A lead comes in from seeing some marketing for the Guaranteed Offer Program. They call to request an instant offer. The instant offer is created and presented, in person, to the seller. Along with that instant offer, the Realtor brings a CMA and their regular listing presentation packet. When the seller reviews the instant offer, most of the time, they will feel that it is too low. You can show them your CMA and what their house would likely sell for if they listed on the open market with you. This is when you can convert the lead to listing with you! Then, present your listing presentation and get the listing agreement signed.


You must include all legal disclaimers for your program on your website. This is important. You want to operate with full integrity. Ensure that you’re not putting something out  into the market that is fraudulent or misleading in any way.

Two presentations for the Guaranteed Offer Program for real estate agents

You will have two presentations to make for this program.

  1. Presentation of the property to the investors
  2. Presentation of the instant offer to the seller

FREE DOWNLOAD: Guaranteed Offer Program Scripts for real estate agents

It’s important to develop solid scripts for presenting your Guaranteed Offer Program to investors, as well as to your potential sellers. We are giving you a FREE DOWNLOAD of our scripts that you can use and customize to fit your own style.

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Stay up to date on what’s happening in our industry and join our Facebook group, the Real Estate Agent Round Table for free, relevant content daily, including breaking news on the real estate market.

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