RE TEAM1“Build a real estate team . . . . how would I even start?”   The idea of utilizing a real estate team can be quite daunting and sometimes even unattractive.  As a real estate trainer and coach of some top producing real estate teams, I have witnessed that by grasping some fundamental principles an individual agent can increase customer service and production without sacrificing lifestyle.

Many agents think that they can skip over this seemingly elementary initial step before initiating their ascent on empire building.  Growing a real estate team is not easy.  The lack of a firm grasp of “why” you are heading down such an arduous path typically results in de-motivation and a team that ultimately does not benefit the lead agent.

All teams are not created equally, so your team’s purpose must be crafted to fulfill your own needs.  Do you want to dramatically increase production and income?  Is providing better customer service your focus?  Will the team enable you to increase your standard of living by spending more time with your family or other pursuits?  Often times the answer is “All of the above.”  Regardless of the reasons, its important to identify and refer to them often as the gradual transformation from a worker to a leader requires continuous motivation.