BEHAVIOR Audio Workbook

behavior audio workbook

You’re here to download our BEHAVIOR Audio Workbook.

We’re so glad you’re enjoying BEHAVIOR: Improve Communication & Sales Performance in Real Estate. Here is the workbook/resource material to accompany the audiobook.

Take your behavioral training to the next level

After you download the BEHAVIOR Audio Workbook to accompany your audiobook, how can you take your learning to the next level?

Check out our DISC: Understanding Behavior in Real Estate online course.

Included in the DISC online course

This DISC online course is a training series designed to help you benefit from understanding behavior in the workplace. Since you’ve already enjoyed the BEHAVIOR audiobook and downloaded the BEHAVIOR audio workbook, this is the next step in your training.

DISC will take your behavioral training to the next level. Just as with all ICC courses, DISC comes with a step-by-step program, designed to help you learn as you progress through each module. Modules include video training, workbooks, and downloadable resources.


Because you downloaded BEHAVIOR Audio Workbook

We also hope you enjoy the resources that are included in your free workbook/resources download within the BEHAVIOR Audio Workbook. Based on your interest in our BEHAVIOR audio workbook, here are a few of our other popular resources.

Coaching for every real estate professional

Accountability is an essential part of your growth as a real estate professional.

With an ICC coach, you’ll progress through your training faster, and you’ll have accountability to make sure you are applying what you learn.

Take action today. We hope that through experiencing the value in this downloadable BEHAVIOR audio workbook, you’ll take this next leap in your career with a coach.

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