Learn these expired listing scripts and methods that top real estate agents use to contact owners of expired listings and convert them into active listings.  Real estate agents have been prospecting expired listings for decades.   Although expired listing scripts have changed very little over time, the methods for contacting expired sellers have evolved considerably.  Shortly after multiple listings services (MLS) first went online, real estate prospectors would pull up expired listings in their area each day and then begin the laborious process of locating each seller’s phone number in the white pages.  Now prospectors subscribe to online services like Landvoice and Vulcan7 to quickly obtain the contact information, often including cell phone numbers, for owners of expired listings each day.  They also use auto-dialers provided by companies like MoJo and ArchAgent to rapidly call through expired listing phone numbers on two to four telephone lines at once.  Most auto-dialers will even leave voice messages recorded in your own voice for those sellers that do not answer.

Speed has clearly been the key in this evolution since prospecting expired listings is a numbers game.  The very name “prospecting” is derived from the Gold Rush where prospectors would endlessly pan for gold hoping to find a few rare gold nuggets.  The more sand they could sift through, the greater the odds of uncovering their treasure.  Before we take a look at some expired listing scripts below, watch our panel of prospectors reveal some of their favorite techniques and expired listing scripts in this video.

Expired Listing Scripts

Expired Listing Scripts:  For When They Answer

SCRIPT 1:  “Hi, I’m looking for _____________.  This is John Smith with ABC Realty, and I’m calling because, as I’m sure you’ve figured out, your home has come up as an expired listing.  So I’m calling to see when you plan on hiring the right agent to sell your home?”

SCRIPT 2:  “Hi, I’m John Smith with ABC Realty, and I’m calling about the house that was listed in the multiple listing service that expired, and I wanted to interview for the job of getting your home back on the market and sold.  I’d like to show you the techniques I use to get my listings sold.”

SCRIPT 3:  “Hi this is John Smith with ABC Realty, and I noticed that your listing on 123 Pepperwood Court is no longer active.  I wanted to see if you are going to take this opportunity to interview a different agent.  If so, I’d love to share my marketing methods for getting homes sold quickly.”

Expired Listing Scripts:  For Leaving Voice Messages

SCRIPT 1:  “I’m calling about your home for sale. My number is 555-123-4567.”

SCRIPT 2:  “Hi this is John Smith and I’m calling about the house you had listed in the multiple listing service, and I’d like to talk to you about the house. Would you please call me back as soon as possible?  Call me at 555-123-4567.”

SCRIPT 3:  ” Hello this John Smith with ABC Realty and I’m calling about your listing that is no longer on the market.  If you are interested in taking this opportunity to interview a different agent, call me at 555-123-4567.”

Overcoming Objections:  “We’re Not Putting it Back on the Market”


1.  “Really? Well if it sold, where were you moving to?”

2.  “How soon do you want to be there?”

3.  “What do you think stopped it from selling?”

4.  “If I were to present you with a strong offer to purchase your home, would you be still be willing to at least take a look at it?”

5.  “Well that’s exactly what I would like to talk to you about. What would be the best time for me to quickly drop by, 4:00 today or tomorrow?”

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