This is an exciting time at Icenhower Coaching and Consulting, and we want to congratulate all our coaches, clients and everyone in the ICC community who helped us reach this milestone.

We’re pleased to announce that we have 500 real estate coaching clients within our organization and network of coaches.

This past year, we’ve seen how our progressive and innovative approach has not only brought us many new clients, but have helped our clients grow, both in terms for Gross Commission Income and average sales price, but also in team size and number new leads generated and closed.

Video: Icenhower Coaching Celebrates 500 Real Estate Clients

The Icenhower Coaching Secret Sauce

Going beyond weekly coaching calls, our coaches strategically assist clients by:

  • Consulting on their unique business needs
  • Create accountability systems and organizational workflows
  • Helping systematize business processes and lead follow-up
  • Connecting our clients’ teams with our myriad training materials

By developing unique plans for each client’s individual needs, we go beyond the more “traditional” coaches and become real growth partners. We believe that “one-size-fits-all” type coaching, which is offered by most real estate coaching companies, can only help real estate agents grow to a certain point, and that exponential real estate growth or true work-life balance takes a more individualized, consultative approach to coaching.

A key ingredient to this more personalized coaching process is creating accountability systems. These go beyond simply requesting clients attend weekly calls and extend into the client’s real estate offices to include the client’s entire team. We help clients create organizational workflows, define job roles and responsibilities and ensure that everyone knows what their job entails, and how to quickly and efficiently meet their goals. By helping real estate coaching clients create systematized business processes, administrative tasks become less time-consuming, and formalized processes on lead generation and follow-up ensure a steady stream of new and repeat business.

In order to truly help our clients’ teams, whether it be sales agents or administrative staff, to develop and grow professionally, we connect them to the ICC system. Individual team members are assigned training based on their role and responsibilities, and their system access, usage, and training completion is tracked, holding them accountable to meeting goals. With training materials covering business generation methods, hiring how-to’s, team management and administrative processes, there is something for every team member.

What Our Real Estate Coaching Clients Say

However, don’t just take our word for it, listen to what our real estate coaching clients have to say.

“This gives my agents direction on how to achieve additional transactions per year; it has enhanced our career acceleration program.”

Robin- Broker Owner

“I watched my agents that went through this training literally light up with energy and productivity and efficiency. They were excited to put things into their business. This is real-world actionable advice to put to work right away and not to be set down on a desk. It will make a difference.”

Sanford- Broker Owner

Our History

Icenhower Coaching was created by a real estate agent for real estate agents. As a successful real estate agent and team leader, Brian Icenhower knew that building a success real estate business took more than just personal drive. It took systems and processes designed to save time and keep busy agents focused on growth. Leveraging his personal experience, Brian became a real estate coach and highly sought-after speaker. Wanting to share his skills, Brian created Icenhower Coaching and quickly began to develop the key books, online courses and other materials his clients needed to grow their businesses. 

Starting with a handful of clients, Icenhower Coaching’s innovative combination of coaching and team education quickly drew more and more eager participants and coaches wanting to contribute to the company’s success.

In the course of a few short years, the company has grown exponentially, both in terms of coaches and clients, as well as training materials. The near future will see the company continue to grow, adding new coaches, new materials, and new client offers, firmly establishing it as a nationally recognized real estate coaching company.

Join Us

Contact us today to learn how we can help you meet your real estate goals. Whether you’re a new agent just starting out, an experienced agent looking for growth, or you’re seeking assistance in building or managing a team, we’ve got experienced coaches ready to create a customized real estate coaching program for you.

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